Gong Yoo Married In The Near Future?- ‘Goblin’ Star’s Heartbreaking Thoughts On Love And Marriage

Goblin’s Gong Yoo is enjoying a lot of renewed popularity right now due to the success of his first Korean drama in five years. So, it makes sense that a lot of netizens are curious about his personal life right now. Does he have a girlfriend? Is he planning on getting married? Fans of the show definitely want to know.

So, we decided to look back at some of his interviews to get some clues to the answers to these questions. And if you’re a Gong Yoo fangirl who has been dreaming of marrying the 37 year old actor, his opinions on marriage and parenting may break your heart. You’ve been warned.

As an article in All Kpop reported, it looks like Gong Yoo might just be afraid of marriage. According to All Kpop, Yoo gave an interview for Ilgan Sports where he revealed his opinions of becoming a bridegroom.

“I have become more and more afraid about marriage and parenting. I think its because I am getting older,” he said. “Of course, there will be a lot to learn, and I also know that the experience will help in my acting.”

Based on Gong Woo’s statements during the interview, he also feels scared about the prospect of becoming a parent.

“Some day I will marry and become a father, but I should’ve already had 2 kids considering my current age. In fact, my friends are parents of elementary students, but despite my age, I am still very young [mentally]. Just by what I see from others around me, I can tell that getting married, creating a family, and having kids is extremely difficult.”


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As Soompi reported, this perspective on marriage was reiterated by Yoo when he sat down for an interview in September to chat about his 2016 movie, The Age of Shadows.

In the interview he said that thoughts about marriage weren’t really his focus in life right now.

“I’m now in my late 30’s and I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and family,” he said. “To be honest, I’ve decided to push aside thoughts of marriage and personal questions for now.

He added that a conversation with the movie’s director, Kim Ji Woon, helped him to realize that he would like to enjoy life on his own for a little bit more.

“This is an important time for me and how I spend it will change how I spend my life after my 40’s. I was influenced a lot by director Kim Ji Woon when we were working together. He asked me how much time I thought a person had to enjoy life on their own. He said that in Korea, a person depends on their parents until they’re in their 30’s, so we only have the time from our 30’s to our 60’s to fully enjoy ourselves.”

These statements are a good indication that Yoo is probably not secretly married right now or planning to get married in the near future.

But seeing Gong Yoo married still seems to be an obsession for his fans. The actor recently appeared on an episode of Guerilla Date, a segment in KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly program.

During the segment, Gong Yoo surprised fans as he walks around the streets of Gangnam and greeted them. At one point one fan practically begs him to use the fan cafe to announce when he’s getting married. Gong Yoo makes her a pinky swear that he will.

“When you announce your marriage plans, please announce it on the fan cafe first,” the fan says, as translated by Soompi

“When I do it later…” Gong Yoo says before she interrupts him.

Gong Yoo then replies, “My heart’s not ready for [marriage] yet either.”

“That’s a relief,” the fan adds.

“But later on, if and when I actually end up [getting married], I planned to to announce it on my fan cafe anyways.”

Only time will tell if he actually keeps that promise.

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