Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Touching Video In Honor Of Kirk Douglas’ 100th Birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones wished her father-in-law, Kirk Douglas, a happy 100th birthday with a very touching video montage on Facebook.

Zeta-Jones, who is married to Kirk’s son, Michael Douglas, created the video, which was set to David Bowie’s 1975 song “Young Americans,” and included several heartwarming photos and videos of Douglas with his family throughout the years.

“Happy birthday Kirk. 100 years old today. Love you Pappy,” a banner at the top of the video read.

Watch Zeta-Jones’ birthday video below.

Kirk Douglas celebrated his birthday in style, with over 135 guests arriving at the Beverly Hills Hotel to celebrate with him. Along with his son Michael, and Zeta-Jones, Douglas was joined at his table by Anne Douglas, his wife of over 62 years, and his grandchildren Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta, after walking in to the room to the Rocky theme song.

Michael was the first to speak on behalf of his father, talking about how much he has accomplished throughout his 100 years of life, and what an inspiration he was to his own acting career.

“One of the things that I find most incredible about dad is the third act of his life,” Michael said. “After all he accomplished in his professional career and what he’s given for his country, at the point in his life where he’s faced adversity, losing a son, having a helicopter crash, having a stroke, and what he’s accomplished in this third act in his life, I find quite extraordinary.”

Michael also spoke about his stepmother, Anne, who has been married to Kirk for more than half of his life.

“She was never the wicked stepmother. My father wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t for Anne,” he said before commending his father once again. “He is always asking about what kind of father he was. Dad, you are an amazing, amazing father.”

“I wonder who he was talking about? He said some nice things about someone I don’t know,” Kirk said.

“My three boys got together and they took a vote and they decided that Michael would be the host because, after all, he has the most money,” he added.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, Steven Spielberg, Arthur Cohn, and Jeff Kanew also arrived at the birthday bash to honor their longtime friend.

“I’ve worked with the best of them,” Spielberg said of Kirk. “But, you’re the only movie star I’ve ever met.”

Following the speeches, a chocolate cake from The Butter End with a gold bust of Kirk’s head on top was brought out for the crowd to enjoy. Catherine Zeta-Jones lit the candles on the cake, and led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to her father-in-law.

“I’m so glad there’s not 100!” she laughed.

The party ended early, at around 5 p.m., but not before Douglas got his birthday present. Dr. PK Shah, the actor’s cardiologist, brought Kirk an extra large glass of vodka that he had previously promised him he could have if he made it to 100-years-old; Shah had previously forbidden him from drinking alcohol.

“He got what he came for,” Douglas’s rep said, referring to the vodka. “He enjoyed it indeed, and then he zipped out. Twenty minutes later, he was tucked into bed.” (According to People, the glass wasn’t filled to the rim with vodka, only one shot’s worth of vodka was poured inside of it.)

When Douglas arrived home, he discovered his house full of flowers from people wishing him a happy birthday.

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[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/ Getty Images]