Hatchimals At Target: Lines Began Saturday Night — One Hatchimal Sold For $15,000 On eBay

To say there is a strong demand for Hatchimals toys is an understatement. As reported by the Inquisitr, four Hatchimals were sold for $25,000 on eBay. And the Hatchimals craziness has not ended. According to eBay, one Hatchimals sold for nearly $15,000 on December 10. (Update: The eBay item ID No. 112202841996 sold Hatchimals listing appears intermittently, but plenty of other sold Hatchimals listings on eBay, such as two Hatchimals that sold for $25,000 and another Hatchimals that was listed for $19,999.99 can be seen therein.) It appears some people with the money and means are willing to pay nearly any price to put a Hatchimals toy under their child’s Christmas tree. And that anything includes lining up at Target on Saturday night to make sure that customers are the first ones in lines for their Hatchimals toys.

Twitter user Chance Waters, who lists his location as Berwick (a town in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana), called the craze worse than Black Friday. Waters also posted a Snapchat photo of people waiting outside of a Target location, with a description across the photo claiming those folks sitting in folding chairs with blankets atop their laps as people who really wanted the Hatchimals a lot.

However, there are concerns that the Hatchimals might not be as plentiful in stock at Target locations as some people assume. While many photos of Hatchimals can be found via the #Hatchimals hashtag on Twitter — such as this one on Twitter account with a shopping cart full of at least eight Hatchimals, along with the claim he’s selling the Hatchimals only to Democrats — sites like Brick Seek show very limited Hatchimals stock in Target stores. For example, one Target location lists only two Hatchimals in stock via the Brick Seek tracker (to begin selling on Sunday, December 11), while another location lists only four Hatchimals in stock with a “Saleable Qty” of only two Hatchimals. Other Target locations list six Hatchimals in stock with a “Saleable Qty” of only five. It isn’t clear why all of the Hatchimals listed as in stock can’t be sold, but Target has made their limit of two Hatchimals per customer clear. (Update: Whereas the online tracker listed approximately five Hatchimals for sale at the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Target location — a visit to the Target store returned reports from a Target employee that the store actually sold 22 Hatchimals to Target customers on Sunday, December 11 — some of whom began lining up at 9 p.m. on Saturday, December 10 — and spent the night outside in the cold to score Hatchimals.)

hatchimals in stock
[Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images/Walmart]

Meanwhile, calls from this reporter to a local Barnes & Noble store revealed no Hatchimals in stock, with the Barnes & Noble employee citing a story about Hatchimals potentially being stuck on a cargo ship from another country as the potential source of the delay in Hatchimals supply stock. A call to the local Toys “R” Us store revealed no Hatchimals in stock either, nor information about the exact day when the Hatchimals would return to Toys “R” Us in-store shelves. The Toys “R” Us employee related the fact that Hatchimals don’t come shipped via their Toy “R” Us trucks, so that’s the reason it isn’t known when the Hatchimals will show up. Just like it’s not known how long Hatchimals owners will have to rub those Hatchimals to get them to hatch, it’s not clear when the Hatchimals will hatch onto store shelves.

Walmart is another location that claimed they could not check their in-stock date for the Hatchimals, even as trackers like Brick Seek claim they can track Hatchimals stock status. Meanwhile, plenty of people tweeting about Hatchimals on Twitter seem to be Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Kmart, and Barnes & Noble employees or shoppers — with the workers complaining about all the Hatchimals calls and inquiries they are receiving.

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: “What’s so unsettling is having someone find me while I’m by the door to the back room doing shipping and getting bothered about Hatchimals.”

: “Lady it’s not my fault we don’t have Hatchimals, please go f*** yourself.”

: “Those stupid a** Hatchimals come in tm,”

: “I just want to go home and go to sleep and this mf trying to debate me about some damn Hatchimals. Foh.”

: “Someone please tell me why my moms making me sit in line at Target for Hatchimals.

Penny Lane: “14 Hatchimals calls since 4 p.m. Thank God I’m not working tomorrow when they get a few in.”

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