‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 70 Review, 71 Preview: Yamcha Saves The Anime As Hit Takes Down Goku

Dragon Ball Super just keeps getting better and better, with Episode 70 giving fans exactly what they want, plus more. Since news broke that classic DB character Yamcha would be coming back for a game of baseball against God of Destruction Champa’s baseball team, Dragon Ball fans have fondly speculated that numerous references to the character’s meme-worthy past in the franchise would be referenced. Much to everyone’s pleasant surprise, the producers really placed a lot of them in the episode, from Vegeta’s intentional attack on the former fighter, to Yamcha ending the game with his iconic death pose. Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 was a side-splitting ride from start to finish.

DBS Episode 70 has so far received universal acclaimed from longtime fans of the anime, with many stating that it is arguably the best filler that Dragon Ball Super has aired to date. The episode was filled with a lot of extremely humorous scenes, including Vegeta preparing to launch his Final Flash on Goku for the sake of competition, Beerus’ consistent taunting of his rather overweight brother, and of course, practically every single scene that featured Yamcha. At the end of it all, the former fighter won the match for his team, but not before ending the game with the exact same death pose he became famous for back in Dragon Ball Z. The scene was so well done, even Krillin and Piccolo noted that Yamcha’s game-ending pose looked very familiar and that it invoked bitter memories.

The ending of 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 70 was something straight out of the franchise's memes.
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One of the things that made Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 work so well was the fact that it did not take itself seriously. While it is true that most of the funny references involved Yamcha, the dynamic among the other characters were also very noteworthy. The banter between Beerus and his rather overweight brother, Champa, was lauded by many to be a high point in the episode. Some Dragon Ball fans even poked fun at the episode’s final scenes, saying that the Yamcha ending alone saved the anime (pun intended).

While Episode 70 was a light, wild ride from start to finish, Dragon Ball Super Episode 71’s preview showed a definite change in tone. True to what previous leaks have shown, it definitely appears like Universe 6’s most powerful assassin, Hit, would be coming back to kill Goku. Even the episode’s title, “Death to Goku! A Hit-Job That Can’t Be Refused,” seems to be a clear reference to the fact that the iconic anime character’s life would indeed be in grave danger next week. The final scenes of the preview seemed notable too, with scenes of Goten seemingly crying over a dead Goku as a shocked Gohan and Piccolo looked on. In a way, DBS Episode 71’s summary seems to confirm this.

“At someone’s request, the strongest assassin in the universe mobilizes!! The target is somehow our very own Son Goku!! Will Goku be able to uncover the true identity of the assassin, and can he be triumphant against them?! Don’t miss out on this heart-pounding, exciting development!!”

The summary of DBS Episode 71 pretty much describes what is going to happen on the anime’s next installment. While the specifics of the episode remain unknown at this point, previous leaks point to a mysterious third party who would be paying Hit to kill Goku. This premise alone is interesting, as the assassin was actually able to hold his own against Goku’s SSJB form back in the Universe 6 tournament. Apart from this, DB fans have also noted that Hit was holding back during their last confrontation since he was forbidden to kill anyone in the tournament. Thus, the idea of a no-holds-barred match between the assassin and the Saiyan is very compelling.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71 is set to feature a darker tone than the last few fillers the anime aired.
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While the idea of Son Goku being killed by Hit on Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 is a very interesting idea, the chances of the character actually dying are pretty slim. After all, speculations are high that Episode 71 and Episode 72, “Counterattack!? An Unforeseen Assassination Technique!!” would be the beginning of a preliminary arc before the anime enters its final, grand saga — the highly anticipated Omniverse Tournament. Thus, while Goku’s life would definitely be in danger in Episode 71, the fact that the fight between the two characters is still ongoing by Episode 72 appears to confirm that Goku would not actually be killed.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 was nothing short of perfect. If anything, it set new standards on what anime filler episodes could be like. From references to old feuds to poking fun at itself, it was a smooth, humorous ride from beginning to end. It is the perfect way to transition the anime into what seems like yet another very dark and serious arc. After all, from its preview alone, DBS Episode 71 has established that there would be a legitimate attempt on Son Goku’s life. As Dragon Ball Super approaches its inevitable final arc, it appears that the anime is setting its pieces in place, and preparing for one grand, memorable finale.

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