Mars Towers: Six Mile-High Structures Found In Perfect Alignment Could Have Housed Aliens, Claim Alien Hunters

Alien hunters perusing NASA photos of Mars have found what they claim are towers — massive buildings on the Red Planet. In fact, it has been speculated that the seemingly vertical structures, which might be as high as a mile or more each, might have once been home to an alien civilization.

The Daily Express reported this week that UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) conspiracy theory websites have been posting an image taken from a NASA photo acquired from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that appears to depict three structures in a linear alignment rising above a Martian plain. As fascinating as the strange alignment is on its own, the three structures — which are being called “towers” — also seem to be extremely tall, perhaps each rising to at least a mile in height.

The YouTube user Mundodesconocido was the first to recognize the odd formation, which the Daily Express noted could also be “eroded rock formations,” and posted a video of the find to its channel. A promotional blurb for the video proposes that the Mars towers could have been built by intelligent aliens.

“Investigating on some Mars images, we have recently found a row of huge towers located in the Martian area of Terra Meridiani. Due to their peculiar features, we believe that they have an artificial origin.”

The video itself shows evidence, according to the user (who presents his discovery and observations in Spanish), that there are NASA photos from the Mars Global Surveyor and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of the same area — taken years apart — that match. Not only do the photos show similar formations, but they also indicate that there exists a second formation with precisely the same alignment (distance apart, height, number of towers) not very far from the first discovery. It was also pointed out that there was some sort of skirting at the base of each tower, something that, given that all the towers sported them, could not be considered results of natural erosive or weathering processes.

Six towers on Mars. Two sets of identical formations. Can the anomalies be explained?

Prolific strange phenomena blogger Scott C. Waring re-posted Mundodesconocido’s video on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, and noted that the Mars towers were “fantastic examples” of a “whole planet full of buildings and artifacts to be discovered on Mars.”

Waring, as well as a number of UFO enthusiasts, alien hunters, and conspiracy theorists, have found numerous items in new and old NASA and ESA photos of Mars. Animals, faces, and mechanical parts have been found amid the rocks of the Red Planet in addition to various crashed and resting UFOs, buildings, obelisks, pyramids, and the occasional remnant of what looks like a fortress or city wall. An example of the latter was discovered just last month, with subsequent speculation proposing that it, too, was something left behind by an ancient civilization.

Many strangely shaped objects and structures on Mars have led to speculation by alien enthusiasts that they might be leftovers from an ancient alien civilization. [Image by diversepixel/Shutterstock]

But Waring suggested that the Mars towers might still be of use.

“They all look like they were made well because none of them are destroyed,” he wrote. “They would be perfect for setting up a human Mars base at…if they are empty of course.”

Scientists, of course, insist that Mars is currently occupied by no living organisms, unless they reside beneath the Red Planet’s surface. And even then, if there is life to be found on Earth’s nearest neighbor (other than the moon), it will likely exist as micro-organisms and far enough underground to escape the devastating solar radiation that constantly bombards the dusty red surface.

NASA photos of Mars have produced a myriad of objects that some believe are of alien manufacture. [Image by NASA Handout/Getty Images]

But what are the Mars towers? Are they manufactured alien constructs or are they natural rock formations? And if they are naturally formed, what on (or off) Mars caused them to be?

[Featured Image by Zeta Digital/Shutterstock]

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