Jenelle Evans Is Allegedly Keeping Kaiser Away From Nathan Griffith — Reality Star Tweets About Son’s Safety

Jenelle Evans is constantly making headlines for situations related to her children. She was made famous for becoming an unwed, teenage mother by MTV on 16 & Pregnant. The show then decided to chronicle her life along with three other girls they liked from the docu-series, and Teen Mom 2 was born. Evans has two little boys and is currently pregnant with a little girl. She has been in and out of family court fighting for her oldest son, Jace and is about to head back to change the custody agreement with Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith.

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News came out that Jenelle Evans would be fighting Nathan Griffith for sole custody after the two settled on an agreed arrangement earlier this year. According to In Touch Weekly, Jenelle Evans is going to take Nathan Griffith back to court. There have been rumors that he is using drugs and is becoming increasingly violent since splitting from Jenelle back in 2015. In fact, he was arrested for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and trying to choke her. Evans is worried for her son’s safety and plans to make sure she is awarded sole custody of the toddler.

Allegations between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have been flying back and forth since their split in August of 2015. It was a very public break-up, making headlines all over for crazy things. Shortly after they parted ways, Griffith returned to the house they shared with his new girlfriend. Evans was enraged and caught a charge for throwing a glass at the girl. Eventually, Evans was found not guilty at trial. This was a huge deal because it would have been her first violent charge and could have caused many problems in her life.

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Things have significantly changed for Jenelle Evans since her split from Nathan Griffith. She has moved in her new boyfriend, David Eason. The two have been together just over a year and are expecting their first child this winter. Evans announced she was having a little girl and has been sharing pregnancy updates recently after keeping it quiet for quite some time. Griffith has talked about how she is having another child and slammed her every chance he has been given since their split.

The initial agreement Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith came to several months ago was joint custody. There have been rumors that he isn’t taking Kaiser as much as he should and often fails to use all of the time allotted to him by the courts. If that is the case, Evans may be able to get sole custody easier than anyone thought. She is also alleging that Kaiser’s safety is at stake, mentioning it in a tweet on Twitter. While everything between these two has to be taken with a grain of salt, it appears that this could be a serious situation. Evans has been combating haters on Twitter, especially the ones who are accusing her of withholding her son from Griffith.

Teen Mom 2 will be airing another season and Jenelle Evans will be a part of it. Her pregnancy will be featured in her story along with some interactions with Nathan Griffith. Right now, things are tense between the two and the comments on social media allude to the fact that neither party is being honest. Evans has made some poor choices in life but she is attempting to keep her son away from what she believes to be a dangerous situation. There is no new court date as of now, but there will be going forward in 2017. Jenelle Evans wants to keep Kaiser safe and she is willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen.

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