Missing Georgia Teen Calah Waskow Believed To Be With Suspected Child Molester And In Extreme Danger [Video]

Police and investigators across the state of Georgia are involved in a massive manhunt for missing teen Calah Waskow and the man they believe abducted her. The 15-year-old vanished without a trace on December 4 from her home in Evans, Georgia, and initially police thought that they were dealing with a runaway situation. That perception of the Calah Waskow disappearance changed when they discovered that the Georgia teen had been engaged in a “relationship” with 37-year-old Jason Johnson and issed a multi-state Amber Alert (called “Levi’s Call” in Georgia) in the case. Johnson is a suspected child molester, and investigators now believe that he may have abducted missing Georgia teen Calah Waskow.

As People reports, Johnson is the father of one of Calah’s friends.

Calah Waskow is described as being 5 feet 4 inches tall and roughly 100 pounds. She has blonde, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. Her alleged abductor, Jason Johnson, is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 175 pounds with blue eyes. His current hair color is in question; he has naturally brown hair, but authorities believe that Johnson may have either bleached or shaved his hair.

According to law enforcement, missing Georgia teen Calah Waskow is potentially in extreme danger.

Law enforcement did not issue any public alerts until Thursday, which means that the Georgia teen and her alleged abductor have had a head start of several days. They are believed to be traveling in a tan 1998 Ford Crown Victoria with South Carolina plates KVJ240.

Reportedly, Calah Waskow’s alleged abductor is wanted for several child sex crimes, including child molestation, aggravated child molestation, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and enticing a child for indecent purposes. It is unknown if those crimes are related to Johnson’s alleged relationship with Calah or not.

According to the Calah Waskow’s mother, Nora, she didn’t realize that the Georgia teen had gone missing until she walked into the 15-year-old’s room to find her gone. She immediately began texting her daughter but got no response, so she turned to police.

“Complete fear. And I got on my phone and started texting and nothing. So that’s when I called the police and had them come to the house.”

Nora made a call to the Columbia Sheriff’s Office, who are now leading the investigation into Calah’s disappearance, a disappearance that has been reclassified from a “runaway” to a likely abduction. It was only after days of investigation that police discovered the missing Georgia teen’s relationship with Jason Johnson, her alleged abductor. Calah Waskow’s family is now hoping that days of classifying the teen as a runaway didn’t compromise her safe return. According to a police spokesman, Major Steve Morris of the Columbia Sheriff’s Office, investigators have no idea where Calah Waskow is, at least as of Friday morning.

“Nobody knows where she’s located. We have received several leads, but none have panned out. But as of this moment, we have no idea where she’s located.”

Despite the lack of leads, and despite the fact that Calah has not been found, an Amber Alert issued in South Carolina has reportedly been canceled. No reason has yet been given for that decision.

While police continue their search for the missing teen, her family is also spearheading a ground search for Calah, who her mother describes as an honor roll student who excels in drama.

“She takes drama in school. She likes acting. She actually was an extra in one of the Billy Crystal movies. And she also did a pilot for a Atlanta TV show called Poetry and Life. She had one of the major roles in it. She’s just a very loving child.”


As WRDW reports, the father of missing Georgia teen Calah Waskow is heading up the local search for his daughter. He has personally checked out her alleged abductor’s last known address, an apartment that Johnson reportedly shared with his father. While law enforcement have expanded their search for Waskow to South Carolina, her father Rick is searching for his daughter closer to home. So far, he’s had no luck, despite the widespread media attention the case of the missing teen has garnered. There’s even a digital billboard downtown featuring the details of Calah’s disappearance, but her father’s search has yielded nothing.

“It’s just so frustrating. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I’m looking at all these cars on the roads and in parking lots trying to find this one perfect match.”

According to Rick Waskow, his wife met Calah’s alleged abductor in the recent past. Reportedly, Jason Johnson came to the Waskow home one day after school with his daughter, friend of missing Georgia teen Calah Waskow.

“[She] met him, trusted him. He seemed to be a sincere, honest individual. Let her go stay at their house. You don’t know what’s going to happen after that, I guess. You think you make the right choices, sometimes you don’t.”

Police, along with Calah Waskow’s loved ones, are still desperately searching for the missing Georgia teen and are asking for the public’s help; if you have any information about the case or locate the missing teen or her alleged abductor, please call the Columbia Sheriff’s Office at 706-541-2800, local police or 911.

[Featured Image by Columbia Sheriff’s Office]

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