Massachusetts Man Booby Traps Ex-Wife’s Dryer To Explode

A Massachusetts man stands accused of booby trapping his ex-wife’s dryer to explode, according to the folks at Gawker.

Firefighter Dean Weeks was ordered to fix his ex-wife’s dryer in August as part of the couple’s divorce settlement. CBS News reports that, instead of properly repairing the machine, Weeks allegedly rigged the dryer to explode. Unfortunately, it would seem that the man’s scheme went off without a hitch.

The booby trapped dryer reportedly exploded shortly after Weeks was brought in to fix it. As a result, his ex-wife, Doreen Weeks, received burns across the bottom half of her legs. The injuries were so severe that she was transported to an area hospital for treatment. Doreen’s dog was reportedly blown through a second story window when the machine erupted, though it was later returned safe and sound.

“I did not think so initially, when he was out back uncoiling copper tubing,” Doreen explained during an interview with the Coulter Press. “But I do now. It’s just something you don’t want to believe about a man you’d been married to for 15 years. And then he threatened me in the ambulance and was trying to corroborate a story with me.”

Doreen also revealed that doctors said her wounds could take up to a year to completely heal. Not surprisingly, the firefighter’s ex-wife isn’t too keen on showing up for the man’s arraignment.

“It’s kind of hard to digest everything,” she explained. “I don’t care to look at him. I just can’t after everything that has happened.”

Fire Chief Richard Hart explained that he is consulting with lawyers to determine what should be done with Weeks while the charges are pending. He stated that the firefighter could be placed on unpaid leave until after everything has been settled. A decision on the matter will likely be made after the arraignment.

Dean Weeks has pleaded not guilty to booby trapping his ex-wife’s dryer.

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