Will Harry Have To Kick The Habit? Smoking Banned By The Royals

The more senior members of the British royal family have always disliked the habit of smoking. Seeing as this is a known fact, it is not much of a surprise that smoking has now been banned by Buckingham Palace at all of the royal residences, including Kensington Palace, which is the home of Prince Harry. Unfortunately for Harry, he is a smoker. It seems there is no time like the present to kick the habit.

The Fortune Herald shares about Harry and his history of smoking, as well as his family’s response to it.

“While the Queen and Prince Charles have both tried to persuade him to quit, Prince Harry is understood to have started smoking when he was just 15 and a pupil at prestigious public school Eton. He is still said to light up 20 Marlboro lights every day and was pictured enjoying a ciggie outside a pub in Chelsea when he turned 32.”

The Prince hasn’t been seen smoking in public for quite some time, which means he’s either hiding the habit well or perhaps has been inspired to quit. Harry has begun a new romance with actress Meghan Markle. who has never smoked. Maybe Markle is having an impact on him and is inspiring the royal to quit.

The senior officials are putting in place a very strict no smoking policy that will impact every royal residence including Harry’s home at Kensington, where his brother William and Duchess Kate also have a residence.

The palace previously allowed smoking in certain areas. A smoking section was set up near the entrance where the delivery area is for Buckingham Palace. After chatting with staff and officials of the sites, the agreement was made that smoking should be completely banned.

An allowance will be made over six months for staff who will find it a tough switch, to continue to smoke e-cigarettes. After May 22 of 2017, no cigarettes or e-cigarettes will be allowed at any of the residences, which include Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St James Palace, Kensington Palace, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Smoking had already been banned by Harry’s father, Prince Charles, at Clarence House, which is where he lives with his wife. Charles has been known to detest the habit. His wife the Duchess of Cornwall had been a smoker prior to Charles having banned it but has since managed to quit. Up until this point, Camilla used to smoke between 10 and 15 cigarettes a day.

The royal ban falls in line with the Health Act of 2006 in the U.K., as The Mirror shares.

“Buckingham Palace spokesman told the MailOnline: ‘Royal Household sites have been smoke free premises since November 21, 2016.’ The Health Act 2006 prevents smoking in enclosed public spaces, including workplaces – and the Royal Household is said to have adhered to this.”

The publication does make known the fact that Harry may continue on smoking in his private apartment at the palace, and the ban is purely in place in the common areas where those who are affected by the smoke won’t be bothered. As noted, Harry is involved in a new relationship with actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle, and perhaps has already quit, meaning the ban won’t affect him at all.

The couple is reportedly becoming quite serious about one another and although Markle will not be involved in the royal Christmas celebrations, it’s been reported that she and Harry are making plans of their own for the holidays. Prince Harry has been spotted on a number of occasions outside Markle’s apartment in Toronto, where she films the TV drama Suits.

Meghan was spotted last month outside Kensington Palace and shopping at a Whole Foods store near the royal residence.

[Feature Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]