‘Office Christmas Party’ Star TJ Miller Arrested For Slapping His Uber Driver

Office Christmas Party star T.J. Miller was arrested Friday Morning for allegedly slapping an Uber driver over an altercation.

T.J. Miller was picked up by his Uber driver from the GQ Men of the Year party early Friday morning. According to TMZ, Miller and the Uber driver got into a heated argument about President-elect Donald Trump.

The Uber driver claimed that the Office Christmas Party star slapped him in the head when they reached the actor’s house. The driver decided to act and put the star under citizen’s arrest. The driver then called the police to the scene which led to T.J. Miller’s arrest.

Miller was arrested for battery and was released late on the same morning without having to post a bail. A Los Angeles police spokesman, Officer Aareon Jefferson, said that he would have to appear in court at a later date.

T.J. Miller’s arrest and following release did not require him to pay $20,000 bail as he was given a citation and released under his own recognizance.

The Los Angeles Police have not identified the Uber driver but confirmed that he did not have any visible injuries. Police did not reveal any further details about the allegations. Currently, the situation was ‘he said/he said’ one, according to the authorities.

T.J. Miller or his representatives have not commented on the incident. The details about the argument over Trump could not be confirmed yet. However, it is quite clear that the Office Christmas Party Star is no fan of President-elect Donald Trump.

The actor in November appeared on The Conan Show, where he tried burning a tie that was sold under Trump’s brand. He threw the tie on the floor, tap-danced on it before setting it on fire in front of cheering audience. Before the entire incident, T.J. Miller said the following.

“So I almost forgot. In the early 2000s, ironically, I bought this tie back when Donald Trump was funny, He is not very funny anymore.”

The star has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump on social media too. So, it hardly comes as a surprise that T.J. Miller’s arrest was due to an argument over Trump. On the day of the election, he had urged his followers to vote for Hillary via a tweet.

Before the arrest, the actor attended an event on Thursday with his actress and model wife, Kate Gorney. It was still unclear whether Kate Gorney was present at the time of altercation with the Uber driver.

At the event, Miller was seen with a safety pin through his ears. He said that the pin in his ears was in solidarity with opponents of Trump who have worn a pin in their clothes.

T.J. Miller’s appearance with the pin in his ears was quite noticeable as his ear seemed to bleed and the blood was oozing down all the way to his trousers. It was later clarified that the wound and blood were fake.

It is interesting to note that Miller’s comedy film Office Christmas Party released on the same day that he was arrested and made headlines. Miller is also set to host the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday. Joey Berlin, president of the organization that is in charge of the awards, confirmed that Miller would remain the host.

“We look forward to seeing what he is going to do on Sunday.”

This is not the first incident that a Silicon Valley stay has been involved in a political altercation. Earlier in the year, actors Kumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch were allegedly berated by Trump supporters at a Los Angeles bar. Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani-American actor and has criticized Trump for months over his apparent racist language.

[Featured Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]