Judge Reinhold Arrest: Actor Cancels Comic Con Appearance, Blames Incident On ‘Mixture Of Medications’ [Video]

Judge Reinhold has canceled his scheduled appearance at the Paradise City Comic Con in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, after being arrested Thursday, according to TMZ. The beloved 80s star was charged with disorderly conduct when he caused a “disturbance” at Dallas Love Field airport by refusing to allow TSA personnel to give him a pat down at a security gate.

Before he was arrested, Reinhold was expected to be at the Comic-Con event from Thursday until Sunday, where he would meet fans of his movies Beverly Hills Cop, Ruthless People, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, among others. Many of his films, particularly Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, retain a cult following among loyal fans.

The actor was released from the Lew Sterrett Justice Center Friday morning.

“[THE] past 48 hours have been the most unusual, hair-raising and regrettable two days of my life,” Reinhold said in a statement quoted by the New York Daily News.

The 59-year-old Reinhold attributed his uncharacteristic behavior to the combination of new medications he took a few hours before arriving at the airport.

The Daily News quoted Judge Reinhold as saying he suffered an allergic reaction to medication for a respiratory ailment. He was then prescribed a mixture of “super Benadryl,” Xanax, and Prednisone in order “to ward off any recurrence of the reaction while in flight,” he said.

After his carry-on bag set off an alarm during the security screening, Reinhold was asked to submit to a pat down, according to local ABC News affiliate WFAA.

Reinhold allegedly became belligerent when he was flagged for a second screening. He then “took his shirt off and used explicit language,” a source told WFAA. That’s what led to him being arrested.

“Thanks for the exposure guys,” Reinhold quipped to reporters who were covering him being arrested live. “Glad you’re here.”

Later, a more humble Reinhold said he felt embarrassed about the whole experience and described it by saying, “At best, it’s a cautionary tale,” The Los Angeles Times quoted from his prepared statement.

Judge Reinhold’s career peaked in the 1980s, but he has continued to work steadily throughout the years. Most recently he has appeared in episodes of the TV series The Detour (2016) and the films My Many Sons (2016) and Broken: A Musical (2015).

He’s slated to appear in two films, Srikant Chellappa’s Grandmothers Murder Club and Marc Forby‘s Highly Functional, in 2017. He’ll be starring alongside the late Florence Henderson, the star of The Brady Bunch Series who passed away in November, in Grandmothers Murder Club. That is the last film Henderson worked on.

In 1994, Judge Reinhold was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for an appearance on the hit TV show Seinfeld. However, Martin Sheen took the award that year for his performance on an episode of Murphy Brown.

In addition to his work in front of the camera, Reinhold has dabbled in writing, directing, and producing as well. He served as co-producer of the 1991 film Zandalee, which starred himself, Nicolas Cage, and Joe Pantoliano. He also contributed a rendition of “When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles At You)” for the soundtrack of the film.

On the bright side, things could have been much worse. The misdemeanor charge carries only a fine of $500. If the past behavior of other stars is any indicator, getting arrested for a little nonviolent outburst at an airport isn’t going to do any serious long-term damage to his career.

If anything, getting a little free publicity for being arrested for an ultimately harmless incident might do Judge Reinhold some good in terms of name recognition.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]