California College Professor Recorded Calling Trump’s Election ‘Terrorism,’ Student Who Made Video Faces Discipline [Video]

A California Orange Coast College professor is in the hot seat after being caught on tape calling the election of Donald Trump an “act of terrorism” and further adding that America has been “assaulted.” The college professor’s words were made during an in-class lecture and recorded by a student at the California college, who posted the video to social media. In the aftermath of the attention the video has attracted, the student has reportedly been threatened with “discipline” by the local teachers union.

As Fox News reports, the video featuring the California college professor (identified as Olga Perez Stable Cox) making what some say were disturbing remarks was posted online earlier this week.

It is unclear precisely what date the recording of the California college professor was made, but it was added to the Orange Coast College Republicans’ Facebook page on December 5. Check it out below.

In the video, the California college professor (who teaches psychology at Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa) is heard lashing out at not just the new president-elect, but those who voted him into office. In the video, reportedly recorded during a human sexuality class, she calls Donald Trump’s election “terrorism,” adding that she and others are the victims of assault and that those who voted for the Republican candidate are the ones responsible.

“Our nation is divided. We have been assaulted. It’s an act of terrorism. One of the most frightening things for me and most of the people in my life is that the people creating the assault are among us.”

When the video was uploaded to the Orange Coast College Republicans’ Facebook account, it included a caption bashing not just the California college professor, but the school itself, too.

“Did you know you’re a terrorist for having supported Trump? I didn’t but apparently that’s what they’re teaching in Orange Coast Colleges classrooms post election.”

The group’s Facebook page is full of memes and posts decrying liberals, feminists, Democrats, and Hillary Clinton (among other things).

On the page, the Orange Coast College Republican’s also allege that they have been victimized by at least one member of another on-campus club in recent days.

In the face of the group’s outrage at the words of the California college professor, the local teacher’s union is fighting back. Commenting directly on the social media post of the controversial video, the union, Coast Federation of Educators, AFT Local 1911, alleges that it was the recording of the video that was the problem, not the professor’s words. Further, according to the union, the student (or students) who recorded and posted the video of the lecture faces potential disciplinary action.

“This video violates the Coast District student code of conduct and California Education code. The student(s) involved will be facing discipline.”

According to the Orange Coast College Republicans, the response by the teacher’s union is a “scare tactic.”

“We know this is a union scare tactic due to the fact a complaint could have been filed without the statements from the official Facebook page being placed in the comment section, on the OCC Republicans public page, in a manner which showed a desire to hunt down the anonymous student to punish them for having caught the statements on video.”

While it’s unknown whether or not a complaint has been levied against the student who recorded the video of the California college professor, or if that student is a member of the Orange Coast College Republicans, it has been reported that an official complaint has been filed against professor Cox.

An attorney for the student group, Shawn Steel, the professor’s rant was “alarming.” Steel, who was formerly chairman of the California Republican Party, accused the college professor of abusing her power as a teacher, as well as of shaming and scaring students with her anti-Trump tirade.

The complaint against the California college professor was reportedly filed on November 30, days before the video of her rant was made public. Now that the video and the potential consequences the unidentified whistleblowing student is facing have gone viral, many have taken to social media to express their outrage. Most seem to think that the teacher’s union was out of line for their threats on social media.

As CBS Local reports, the professor of the California college has reportedly confirmed that open discussions between professors and students regarding current events are encouraged at the school. The student who recorded the video doesn’t see the situation that way; instead, the student is now afraid that they could face suspension or expulsion a week away from the semester’s end.

A Facebook post by the teacher’s union indicates that such extreme disciplinary action is a real possibility for the student who recorded and posted the video of the California college professor.

“This is an illegal recording without the permission of the instructor. The student will be identified and may be facing legal action.”

Reportedly, Professor Cox has been on the Orange Coast College staff for three decades. At this point, neither the California college professor nor her union has responded to media requests for comment.

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