‘Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection’: Review Of 2017 Leaked Game Details For PS4 And PS Vita — FF7 And FF15 Getting A 2018 Ported To PC [Rumors]

The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection is rumored to be released in 2017, and it was only two weeks ago that the Square Enix epic Final Fantasy XV debuted. Here is a review of what appears to be a leaked/rumored ensemble of remakes, including NES and SNES versions, as well as a remake of Final Fantasy VII and FinalFantasy XV for the PC, according to VGLeaks.

Other media outlets are declaring this as just rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. If it’s true, this is definitely something to get excited about.

The road map to this miraculous collection will include Final Fantasy’s I through IX games, and will be available to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita systems in a single disc or card. Two versions of FFI to FFVI will be made, one with the original versions from the NES and SNES, the other based on the most recent ports.

Then Final Fantasy VI through IX will be that of the newest ports.

Original Game Remakes And Changes

Final Fantasy II and III (which was FFIV in Japan) that were released on the NES will have a new English translation. Die-hard fans might recall the early games when they originated in Japan, and had content in it that wasn’t available to North America at the time. Now they will be made available and playable.

What was once censored in the initial release of the vintage Nintendo consoles will now be restored in the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection. In case you were wondering, there were Judeo-Christian references in the graphics of the original games. For example, crucifixes and the Star of David were altered to a tombstones and triangle respectively. There will also be an art gallery and a musical selection from the game available for playback.

Review Of Three Collections

First is the regular version which includes the game collection and poster. Next is the Collectors Edition which contains the same as the first, plus a nice throwback for your keys in the form of an eight-bit Black Mage key chain. The pointy-hatted Black Mage uses offensive spells, like Fire, Blizzard, and Bolt.

“I am the Black Mage! I casts the spells that makes the peoples fall down!”

The Beethoven of video game music, Nobuo Uematsu, will choose the music for a collection of songs available on two discs, and this edition comes with a Chocobo plush.

Finally, there is the Crystal Complete Edition. It will be available in limited amounts via Square Enix’s site for the PlayStation 4. This ensemble will include the Final Fantasy I through IX titles. There will also be remastered PlayStation 4 versions of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, and current PS4 versions of Final Fantasy XV and its DLC, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which includes all expansions and a three-month subscription.

It gets better as the Crystal Complete Edition also comes with special components for Fantasy XI Mobile and Final Fantasy XIV.

The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection Crystal Complete Edition comes with physical items that are contained in a chest adorned with the franchise logo. The collection includes two discs of music, the iconic Black Mage statue, Moogle plush, and the films Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. For trading card game enthusiasts there are starter decks for the Final Fantasy CCG.

To note, the PC remakes of Final Fantasy VII and XV are thought to be coming out in mid-2018 and is included in the Season Pass along with Steam versions of FF I, II, Zodiac Age, and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Chrono Trigger. According to Niche Gamer, VGLeaks was right about their rumors before the God of War remake prior to its debut, so that may mean that this could be a pretty solid rumor.

So if the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection debuts for the PS4 and PS Vita, will you be ready to clear off a shelf for your collection in 2017?

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