Lil Wayne Thanks Fans For Prayers After Health Scare

Lil Wayne is all good. The rapper sent out a message to his fans on Twitter today thanking them for their prayers and assuring them that he was OK after a recent health scare.

Wayne wrote: “Thanx for all the prayers! I am good.

Lil Wayne reportedly had two seizures within a 24-hour span earlier this week. TMZ reports that the rappers plane was forced to make an emergency landing after Lil Wayne started to exhibit “seizure-like” symptoms on board.

The gossip site reported that Wayne made an emergency landing in Texas on Thursday after experiencing a seizure on the flight. After being treated, he got on another plane. He had another seizure and was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas.

Wayne’s management hasn’t commented on the exact reason for hospitalization but they did say that Wayne did not have any seizures. A rep for the rapper said that Lil Wayne suffered from a “severe migraine and dehydration”

Regardless of the cause, it looks like Lil Wayne is OK.

MTV asked 2 Chainz about the incident. 2 Chainz said:

“I talked to him last night before ya’ll heard about anything, so he’s straight. Young money for life–you dig? Get well soon homie. Hit me up.”

Meek Mill added:

“I didn’t get a chance to check in with Lil Wayne, you know he has probably a million people checking in with him at the same time. When I see him I’ll make sure he’s good. Wayne, that’s my homie.”

Are you a fan of Lil Wayne? Do you think his health problems are more serious than he’s letting on?