Mysterious Golden Cigar-Shaped UFO Stalks International Space Station In Orbit, Alien Hunter Alleges: Strange Craft Was Spying On ISS Crew, According To Blogger

Alien hunters claim to have spotted a golden cigar-shaped UFO on NASA’s live ISS video feed.

A nearly four-minute-long recording taken from NASA’s live ISS stream and uploaded to YouTube on December 5, 2016, by prolific alien hunter Streetcap1, allegedly shows a golden cigar-shaped UFO that approaches within 100 meters and appears to travel at the same speed alongside the space station, alien hunters claim.

Streetcap1 claims the footage shows the alleged alien UFO flashing with a bright red light. The alleged UFO disappears mysteriously after a blue flash of light.

“This is an unidentified flying object near the ISS. It eventually just disappears.”

“You may notice some very fast red flashes near it,” Streetcap1 commented on YouTube. “I have uploaded it just as was broadcast so many people must have seen it too.”

Some skeptics dismissed the latest claim as due probably to the low resolution of the footage. Others suggested that the “golden UFO” was, in fact, a section of the space station, such as its solar panels.

“Might just be the low pixels, but if you look close the light bar is part of a triangle facing right.”

“I strongly believe in Aliens but these are their own solar.”

“No objects on video. Everything is a part of the station.”

“Why is it always so blurry?”

A few skeptical viewers posted humorous comments.

“Looks like a giant piece of uncooked spaghetti.”

“I knew Pastafarian was the right religion.”

The ISS in orbit with solar panels visible. [Image by NASA crew of STS-132/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons]

Some believers suggested the UFO flew close to observe the space station.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring had no doubt that Streetcap1 has discovered yet another alien UFO flying near the ISS in low Earth orbit.

“Wow! This golden cigar UFO was seen on live space station cam yesterday,” Waring announced on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “It was caught by the watchful eye of Streetcap1 of YouTube.”

The UFO blogger argued that the video contains proof that the alleged UFO was a solid object and not a reflection of light, as some skeptics claimed.

“As proof to this being a real object, the UFO is slightly touching the light… lighting up one end of the UFO,” he argued. “That is proof that this is a solid object and its shadows are due to the light from the Sun.”

He then went on to suggest bizarrely that the alien UFO approached the ISS very closely to allow the aliens to investigate “the thoughts of the astronauts.”

This could mean that Waring believes the alien UFO had on-board gadgets that were able to read alien and human minds.

[Image by NASA’s STS-129 crew/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons]

But Waring offered no explanation or evidence to support his conclusion. Instead, he broadened his speculation to suggest that the aliens could also be “invited guests that came aboard the ISS.”

The comment reflects the belief in UFO conspiracy theory circles that ISS crews hold secret “exopolitical” meetings with alien diplomats from extraterrestrial civilizations to negotiate treaties and trade agreements.

The U.S. allegedly signed a top-secret treaty with the Reptilian-Grey confederation in the 1950s under the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower, the Inquisitr reported.

Many UFO believers agreed with Waring that the video shows a real UFO.

“[UFO] Disclosure must come soon,” a believer declared on UFO Sightings Daily.

“You have something here,” another believer commented excitedly. “It’s big, really big. How the world media conspiracy can deny giant golden cigar UFOs is beyond belief. Keep up the good work.”

Regardless of excited speculation on UFO forums, NASA has explained in the past that most UFO sighting claims are due to various natural phenomena, such as meteors, space junk from satellite launches and lights from Earth that appeared on the live video feed.

Other causes of UFO sighting claims, according to NASA, are reflections of light from the windows of the space station or structures projecting from the body of the ISS over the front of the camera mounted on the body of the space station.

But reacting to NASA’s effort to explain away alleged UFO sighting claims, alien hunters insist that NASA cannot be trusted to tell the truth about evidence of the existence of aliens and UFOs because the agency is committed rigidly to implementing an alleged U.S. government non-disclosure policy.

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have reported spotting a golden UFO near the ISS in low Earth orbit. The Inquisitr reported in August that UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a massive golden UFO “hundreds of miles long” orbiting Earth on live ISS stream.

Streetcap1 accused NASA of interrupting the live video feed after the mysterious UFO appeared.

“Please stand by,” read the message from NASA after the live stream was cut. “The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal.”

[Featured Image by NASA/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons]

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