Miss BumBum 2016 Winner: Erika Canela Voted Best Booty In Brazil

The Miss BumBum 2016 winner has officially been declared. In an annual search for Brazil’s best backside, Erika Canela has been named the best booty of the bunch. The 20-something model and medical student edged out 14 other finalists to take the crown along with some nice endorsement money. Canela not only is the latest winner of the yearly contest but also has made history with her victory.

According to TMZ in their report, the 20-year-old model Canela became the first black woman to win the Brazilian pageant during its six-year span. The contest to crown the best “bum” in the South American country featured more than 17 million people voting to determine the winner. The competition began with 27 contestants and was eventually narrowed down to 15 finalists via an online public vote. After that, a jury chooses the grand prize winner. As the Miss BumBum winner, Canela receives $22,000 in endorsement deals.

According to Daily Mail, Canela was full of excitement and pride over her achievement.

“I can’t believe it. I never imagined it would be me. I’d decided to give up modeling and go and study medicine. But now this has changed everything. I’m ecstatic.

“But I’m not taking this role lightly. I promise I’ll represent Brazilian beauty to the best of my ability, with all the hard work and dedication that the title deserves. This is the first of many conquests.”

There has already been some contention over Canela’s age. While TMZ reported she is 20, other media sources including Huffington Post and Daily Mail have indicated an age of 24 for the model. Regardless of her age, the 20-something model is now the winner of the popular pageant. Canela also has her prominent posterior featured on social media, with an Instagram account that has 191,000 followers as of this report.

As Daily Mail also noted, one of the losing contestants, Priscilla Rocha, seemed to take exception to the criteria for the winning booty.

“She deserved to win, if that kind of fake body is what you need to win Miss Bumbum. Now, if they were looking for a body and a bottom that is 100 per cent natural, they should have picked me.”

The Miss BumBum contest was first created by journalist and entrepreneur Cacau Oliver to help determine the best derriere in all of Brazil. Rosina Ferreira won the first edition of the contest in 2011, followed by Carine Felizard in 2012, and Dai Macedo in 2013. Indiana Carvalho took the crown in 2014, while Canela succeeds the 2015 winner Suzy Cortez.

In the 2015 edition of the Miss BumBum pageant, Distrito Federal’s Cortez was the winner, edging Camila Gomes of Minas Gerais and Dani Sperle of Rio de Janeiro. According to the Mirror, Cortez said after the win she’d been preparing “for the past four months” and “always wanted to win,” indicating it took dieting and rigorous training to get there.

The contest has also brought its share of controversy over the years, with 2013 becoming an especially heated edition of the event. English journalist Daisy Donovan criticized the event as objectifying and degrading women, going so far as to call it a “spectacular feast of the flesh.” In October of the same year, two models involved in the contest were accused of paying thousands of dollars in an attempt to bribe the contest judges.

In 2014, runner-up Andressa Urach almost died because the procedures she’d had to enhance her posterior started to rot. That brought about a requirement for the 2015 edition where contestants needed to prove no chemical products or surgery were used to enhance their derrieres.

Despite its controversies and criticisms, the contest has continued on and Canela is the latest winner for 2016. The win not only brings her a good deal of endorsement money, but also the recognition of becoming best Brazilian booty, making her an instant celebrity.

[Featured Image by Erica Canella/Instagram]