‘Reign’ Canceled By The CW — Season 4 To Be The Final Season

Hearts of fans of Reign hang heavy as the CW has officially made the decision to cancel the historical series following Mary Queen of Scotts and Catherine de Medici. According to TV Guide, Season 4 will be the final Season of Reign.

Reign canceled after Season 4 [Image by The CW]

As sad as the news of Reign being canceled is for anyone who follows the show, the news that Season 4 would be the final Season of the series did not come as a total shock to the show’s fan base. Back in April of this year, the Inquisitr revealed much of the fan base of the series did not believe Reign would continue past Season 3.

During Season 2, Reign aired on Thursday nights on the CW. During the first half of Season 3, Reign aired on Friday nights. Unfortunately for Reign fans, Friday nights on the CW was a time slot that was known to have killed a number of shows on the network. In fact, Supernatural is the only known series on the network to have survived being aired on Friday nights for a period of time. Typically, when a show on this network does not do well on Friday nights – the show is canceled.

During the second half of Season 3, Reign was switched to air on Monday nights instead of Fridays. This change in the line-up gave fans of Reign hope the series would not be canceled by the network. This, however, does not appear to have been enough to save the series long term. If anything, it just bought the series a fourth and final season. Considering the fact that many outlets speculated the series would not make it to Season 4, fans of Reign still have some time to prepare for the end of the series.

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Reign is a historical drama series which stars Adelaide Kane and Megan Follows who, respectfully, play a young queen Mary and Catherine de Medici. According to TV Guide, fans of Reign can take comfort in the fact that the CW is currently filming Season 4. The fact that the network made the decision to cancel the series before they finished filming Season 4 means the writers will have time to craft a proper conclusion for the series.

Season 4 of Reign is set to premiere on Friday, February 10, 2016. Season 4 of Reign is also set to be 16 episodes long. Assuming the final Season of Reign plays without taking a break the same way it did for Season 3 – the finale for the series can be expected to take place sometime during the middle of June.

The cast of Reign [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

While anyone who follows the series would agree it is sad to know the series is coming to an end, it is nice to have time to prepare for the series to come to a close. It is also nice for fans of Reign to have one final Season to wrap up the series before it comes to an end.

Anyone who follows Reign knows Torrance Coombs – who plays the role of Bash – walked away from the series after Season 3. The character of Bash, however, was written out of the show in a way that Torrance could re-enter the show at a later time if he wanted to. There was even a period of time where he teased fans of Reign claiming it would not be the last time they saw Bash. The question is – will Torrance return to Reign for Season 4 to give fans one more taste of the character of Bash before the series officially ends?

While Torrance Coombs has tweeted – and retweeted – posts on Twitter about Reign coming to an end, he has not made any comments regarding whether or not he would be returning to the series for the final season.

Are you a fan of Reign? Will you be watching Season 4 when it premieres? Are you sad to learn the CW made the decision to cancel the series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section found below.

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