When Will ‘Reign’ Season 3 Be On Netflix?

Reign Season 3 finished in June of 2016, and fans already want to know when it will come to Netflix. This is the trickiest CW show to determine due to recent changes. Here’s a look at some potential dates.

Some fans expected to see Reign Season 3 on Netflix around the end of June or start of July. This was because around the time of the season finale, the CW and Netflix announced that it would do a deal where the full season would be available on Netflix eight days after a show’s season finale. The downside to this announcement was that the deal wouldn’t start until the fall 2016 scheduling. Fans would have to wait for the 2015-2016 shows to come to the streaming service.

Most CW shows come to Netflix around the date of the next season’s premiere. The Flash Season 2 is expected on Netflix on October 3, since that is the date of the Season 3 premiere on the CW, as the Inquisitr has already reported.

This is where things are tricky for Reign Season 3. The show isn’t getting its usual October 2016 start. Due to low Season 2 ratings, the third season was moved to the Friday night slot. Fans instantly worried that it meant it was going to be canceled. It then didn’t come back after the mid-season break and started its second half of the season in March of 2016. Season 3 was also shorter than usual, leading many to believe that there wouldn’t be a Reign Season 4.

The CW surprised everyone when it stated that the show would get a fourth season. However, there is currently no confirmation date for when that will start. While fans expect it to air in January of 2017, it is possible that Reign Season 4 will be held off until the summer. Some believe that this was to avoid a clash with Game of Thrones, but it could also be because the CW believes that it will stand a better chance in the summer, similarly to Pretty Little Liars and Suits.

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FanSided’s Netflix Life predicts that Reign Season 3 will be available on Netflix on October 7. This is judging by previous years, where it was available around the same time as the other CW shows. The prediction is also based on The 100, which had a January start, but Season 2 was available on Netflix in fall 2015, rather than waiting for January 2016.

There are predictions that The 100 Season 3 and The Originals Season 3 will also get October releases for Netflix, despite having January 2017 starts. It would make sense for Reign to follow suit.

The good news is there won’t be as many questions regarding when Reign Season 4 is coming to Netflix. With the CW-Netflix deal, Season 4 will stream in full eight days after the season finale.

Reign is a difficult one to predict. It’s also a difficult one to predict if it will be canceled after Season 4. The CW could be making a smart move opting for it to become a mid-season or summer show. While it has a following, it is weak for the fall scheduling even for the CW network (which traditionally has a smaller following than other channels). Moving it to the summer programming would allow something fresh on the network and help it survive longer.

It does appear that the producers are ready for it to be cancelled after the fourth season. The show is based on the real-life Mary, Queen of Scots, and both Mary’s second and third husband have been cast and will appear in Season 4. It suggests that the producers are trying to wrap up the story in the event of the show’s cancellation.

When do you think Reign Season 3 will come to Netflix? Chances are it won’t be long now.

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