Asian Movies To Watch In December 2016 — What K-Movies And C-Movies Should You Be Checking Out This Month?

When people tune into video-on-demand (VOD) services that stream Korean content either exclusively or not, they usually tune in for K-dramas. It does make sense why they would default to them given that 2016 has been a smorgasbord of excellent series to enjoy. The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has The Legend of the Blue Sea and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has W and Shopping King Louis. Total Variety Network (tvN) has Reply 1988 and Goblin. Orion Cinema Network (OCN) has Neighborhood Hero and 38 Task Force. Finally, JTBC has Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi and My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week.

However, K-dramas are just a small part of what fans can watch on the Korean silver and small screen. Thanks to the Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) partnering with OnDemandKorea, we now have access to K-documentaries and K-kid’s shows. Let’s not forget about all the popular K-variety shows available too like Running Man and Infinite Challenge.

“Train to Busan” right now is the one K-movie getting plenty of attention. It stars Gong Yoo and Ma Dong Seok. [Image by Next Entertainment World]

When it comes to this month (December 2016), there just isn’t much activity happening pertaining to Asian dramas, especially K-dramas. Thankfully, many VOD services of Korean content does not specifically specialize in Korean content alone or in dramas alone. With that in mind, here are some Asian movies — either they be K-movies or C-movies — making their debut this month.

Let’s Get Married (December 3)

Let’s Get Married is a C-movie starring Gao Yuanyuan (But Always, The Choice: A Story of the Old Shanghai) and Jiang Wu (Lovers and Movies, Monster Hunt). The film originally opened in the Chinese box office on April 19, 2015 earning a total of $45.42 million.

This romantic comedy follows successful women who struggle to juggle their careers and love lives. With relationships tested and their patience wearing thin, four women head into the next Qixi Festival (Chinese festival similar to Valentine’s Day) in a position in which their lives are far more hectic than ever before.

The C-movie makes its American premiere on December 3. Let’s Get Married can be watched exclusively on DramaFever.

Split (December 7)

Split is a K-movie starring Yoo Ji Tae (The Good Wife, Healer), Lee Jung Hyun (the Family is Coming, The Great King Sejong), David Lee (Let’s Fight Ghost, Mirror of the Witch), Jung Sung Hwa (Personal Taste, My Dad Loves Trouble), Kwon Hae Hyo (Jealousy Incarnate, Ddanddara), and Moon Young Soo. The film originally opened on November 10 in the Korean box office.

Chul Jong (Yoo Ji Tae) was once a legendary professional bowler, but a car accident ended his professional career. Since then, he became distant from the world. He now works in a junk yard and bowls on the side for money. Hee Jin (Lee Jung Hyun) owns a bowling alley that is in deep debt. She sets matches up for Chul Jong hoping he’ll make enough money to pay off her debt. Their lives change when they come across an autistic young man named Young Hoon (David Lee) who has unlimited potential to be the best bowler in the world.

“Split” is exclusive only on OnDemandKorea. However, the pay-per-view price is $4.99 USD. Take note ODK Plus members don’t get to watch the K-movie for free. [Image by OnDemandKorea]

The K-movie makes its American premiere on December 7. OnDemandKorea actually purchased the movie from United Pictures and have exclusive rights to it. For now, Split is exclusive only on OnDemandKorea for $4.99 whether viewers be ODK Premium members or not. The movie might end up on other sites if they decide to sell viewership rights.

Go Away Mr. Tumor (December 10)

Go Away Mr. Tumor is a C-movie starring Bai Baihe (I Belong to You, Monster Hunt 2) and Daniel Wu (Warcraft, Sky on Fire). The film originally opened in the Chinese box office on August 13, 2015. It earned a total of $80.12 million making it a box office hit.

This romantic comedy follows Xiong Dun (Bai Baihe), a successful blogger who is diagnosed with malignant cancer. As a result, she is given only a short amount of time to live. Instead of falling into depression, Xiong Dun chooses to remain optimistic and live the life she always wanted to live to her fullest which includes fantasizing about her handsome clinician, Dr. Liang (Daniel Wu). To spice up her last days, she creates a web comic based on her adventures too.

The C-movie makes its American premiere on December 10. Go Away Mr. Tumor can be watched exclusively on DramaFever.

But Always (December 17)

But Always is a C-movie starring Nicholas Tse (The Bombing, Heartfelt Arises) and Gao Yuanyuan (Let’s Get Married, The Choice: A Story of the Old Shanghai). The film originally opened in Hong Kong on September 4, 2014, followed by the Chinese box office the next day. It earned a total of $36.59 million.

Taking place in New York City, the C-drama blends the sentimentality and romantic fatalism is very Asian. It is a romance following Anran (Gao Yuanyuan), a wealthy, pre-med student who is separated from the love of her life and childhood friend, Zhao Yongyuan (Nicholas Tse). Over the course of their lives, they are separated and brought back together until they finally meet again in New York City with completely different paths and new lovers. Despite their new lives, they cannot deny each other as they try to rekindle their long-awaited romance, a decision that sparks chaos.

The C-movie makes its American premiere on December 17. But Always can be watched exclusively on DramaFever.

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