‘Catching Kelce’ Update: Travis Kelce’s Pick Maya Benberry Speaks Out Regarding Their Relationship, Are They Still Together? [Updated]

People watched this fall as Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce picked Maya Benberry in the season finale of Catching Kelce, and many are wondering how the two are doing now. The pairing of Travis and Maya at the end of the series generated a lot of buzz, not all of it positive, and that has seemingly led to the duo keeping things about their relationship quite private. What’s the latest from these two? Are they still together?

While both Maya Benberry and Travis Kelce posted a bit on social media after the Catching Kelce finale aired, they’ve revealed very little since. In fact, Benberry even deleted virtually everything off her social media pages that related to her beau, and some relatively cryptic tweets since then have led many to wonder if the two have split. Travis and Maya may not be sharing much publicly, but it seems as if they are still together and she did open up a bit via a recent Snapchat video series to explain the situation.

Right after the Catching Kelce finale aired, viewers erupted and there were quite a few ugly comments directed toward Benberry. People accused her of only wanting to win and she has said that she was not happy with how she was edited on the show. Unfortunately, many comments toward Benberry took a racial tone and Maya even shut down comments on her Instagram page for a while. Travis tweeted one GIF with his gal that he said was for the “haters,” and he hasn’t revealed anything more about his relationship since then.

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Benberry tweeted that people should not look for clues regarding her life in her social media posts, noting that doing so will simply lead to a dead end. She also tweeted a photo showing one hateful comment she had received after the Catching Kelce finale, explaining that messages like that were why she has now chosen to keep her private life private. However, Maya does put up a post here and there with hints that all is still well with Travis.

A recent Twitter post included a caption about waiting on a ring, and when a follower noted that she and Travis would make cute babies, Maya noted that they would have “the cutest curly haired babies ever!” Another tweet from Benberry was rooting on the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Catching Kelce star still has a post up showing her wearing her man’s jersey.

In her recent Snapchat, Maya confirmed that she prefers to keep her private life private, and she does not want a reality television dating show to define who she is when she is working on other significant projects in Los Angeles. She doesn’t feel that the show was a good representation of who she is or of her brand, but she does acknowledge that she walked away with some good things in Travis and some new friends.

Benberry adds that she has never been particularly public about her love life on her social media pages, and despite having a lot of Catching Kelce fans who now would love to see frequent updates, she has decided that she will continue to keep her private life off of social media for the most part. She says that there may be a few things that pop up here and there, but for the most part, people will need to accept that her relationship with Travis is fine unless there is a statement out that says otherwise.

A while back, Maya had indicated via a couple of different tweets that she would be heading to Missouri for the December 8 Chiefs game. Catching Kelce fans were asking her via Twitter if she’d still be at the game, and on Thursday she revealed the answer via a new Snapchat video. Benberry acknowledged that a lot of people were asking if she was still headed off to visit Travis, and she said that something business-related popped up and prevented her from making the trip.

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In the Snapchat video, Maya waved a stack of cash and then said that business had to take priority and that she had to cancel her trip to watch Travis in this week’s Chiefs game. She included a screenshot of the flight she says that she had been slated to take to head out to Missouri and said that she had to stay in Los Angeles instead due to the business opportunity that popped up. As for rescheduling the trip, the Catching Kelce star didn’t share any specifics and fans will have to stay tuned to see when or if Travis and Maya spend time together again.

There are still plenty of critics and skeptics when it comes to this pairing, but both Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry have previously said that they are very happy together and that their relationship is going well. Are Travis and Maya still together and happy and as the criticism dies down will they start to be a bit more open about their relationship with fans? Catching Kelce fans will have to stay tuned and see what, if anything, pops up next from the two regarding their romance.

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