‘Catching Kelce’ Spoilers: Does Travis Kelce Find Love On His ‘Bachelor’-esque Reality TV Show?

The new reality television show Catching Kelce just started airing on the E! network, and the show will appeal to many Bachelor fans who are anxious for something similar to watch as they wait for Nick Viall’s season to premiere in January. Kansas City Chiefs pro football player Travis Kelce is looking for love, and fans are already hooked on watching his progress. Does Travis find love thanks to his reality TV show? Catching Kelce spoilers indicate that he does, but it will be a bit yet before viewers find out who the lucky woman is.

TMZ reported some Catching Kelce spoilers in late July, noting that Travis Kelce did find a special someone on his show. He started out with 50 bachelorettes, one from each state of the United States, and when all was said and done, he seemingly found one gal who captured his interest. At least, once filming was over there was one lady whom Travis was continuing to date.

However, there was a significant gap between the end of filming, when the show started airing on E!, and when the pro footballer can go public with this relationship. Is he still dating this lady, and is it serious? Travis chatted with E! News ahead of the premiere and gushed over his chosen gal. He said that she’s an absolutely wonderful lady, but he admitted that things had been a bit tough due to the challenges of keeping their relationship under wraps.

It sounds as if Kelce and his pick have spent quite a bit of time together since the filming of the show wrapped, but they are having to be cautious about where they go and who they spend time with so as not to reveal any major Catching Kelce spoilers. Luckily, in his case, he doesn’t seem to be under quite as much scrutiny as a typical Bachelor lead is after filming, where fans watch like hawks to uncover the scoop. Travis added that he is hopeful that once the finale of his season airs, he and his gal can have some fun and they’ll certainly be anxious to let their guard down a bit.

Unlike the typical Bachelor season, however, viewers of Travis’ show shouldn’t necessarily expect him to get down on bended knee in the finale and propose. The football star does tease a bit of a Catching Kelce spoiler by saying that he wouldn’t have chosen this particular lady if he didn’t feel a certain way about her. However, he admits that he is very focused on his career at this point and that tying the knot with his gal isn’t necessarily in the works quite yet.

“I’m still getting to know her and to be honest marriage is a huge step that it takes a while to get to know you’re ready for I feel like.”

Just which of Travis’ bachelorettes is picked in the finale? Unfortunately, answers to that big question do not seem to have surfaced as of yet. Unlike the Bachelor franchise where gossip guru Reality Steve breaks down all the spoilers, there is no central clearinghouse of Catching Kelce spoilers with these kinds of details.

The initial 50 women have already been pared down significantly, and Episode 2 airing on October 12 will feature his remaining 15 women heading out on dates. It looks like this season will consist of just six episodes, so it shouldn’t take long to see a frontrunner or two emerge and get to the finale with the big pick.

Do you have a favorite lady within Travis’ remaining women yet? Stay tuned for additional Catching Kelce spoilers as they become available, and tune in to see an apparent love story develop as new episodes featuring Travis Kelce air each Wednesday night on the E! Network.

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