Dylan O’Brien Missed On ‘Teen Wolf’ Amid Ratings Drop: Tyler Posey Says ‘I Know He Wants To Be Here’

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey are bros to be sure. Tyler says he misses Dylan incredibly since his injury, and he’s still not back to his role as Stiles. However, O’Brien will return later in the season.

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey told Hollywood Life, just how close he and Dylan O’Brien are. It is weird for Tyler to be on the set he and Dylan built, without having O’Brien to talk to.

“Man, it’s weird. It is definitely weird. Because Dylan[O’Brien] and I have been literally the only two dudes since the very beginning. It has been me and him, me and him, me and him, me and him! Always, every single day, we would have the same routine. We are the same dude. So we really relate with one another. We fell in love with one another.”

With Teen Wolf in its last season and Dylan O’Brien still not 100 percent after his accident on the Maze Runner set, O’Brien is sitting out several more episodes as he makes his latest movie, American Assassin, and writers work through the plot that explained his absence.

Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien have bonded through five seasons of inseparable brotherhood on the Teen Wolf set. Posey continued his lament of Dylan’s absence to Hollywood Life.

“Every time we were on the set we would help each other with stress, and everything that comes with filming a TV show. And without him there I looked around at one point and I was filming a scene and everyone that was in the scene with me was new and I felt like this veteran and I was like, ‘I really miss Dylan!'”

‘Teen Wolf’ star Dylan O’Brien [Image by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images]

Tyler Posey and Teen Wolf’s other cast members must have been really worried as Dylan O’Brien recovered from his nearly fatal head injury. Fans were kept in the dark about the serious nature of O’Brien’s injuries, but surely Tyler knew. No wonder he feels a need to see and be around O’Brien again.

Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles on Teen Wolf, narrowly escaped death in an accident on the set of Maze Runner in March and has been unable to return to work until very recently. Teen Wolf producers waited as long as possible then created a script that explained Dylan’s absence until near the end of Teen Wolf’s final season.

Tyler Posey continued talking about his dear friend Dylan O’Brien.

“I know he [Dylan O’Brien] wants to be here. I know that he is so busy and everything. I know he feels the same way as me! So it is definitely a little bizarre, but he is there every single day in my head and in my heart and everyone’s hearts. He is such a part of that set.”

Dylan O’Brien of ‘Teen Wolf,’ ‘Maze Runner,’ and ‘American Assassin.’ [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey built the Teen Wolf set together, so now Tyler really feels nostalgic about the years he spent with Dylan on the show. Dylan and Tyler essentially grew up together on that set.

“[Dylan O’Brien] built that set with me. He and I were the people who wanted to make the set fun and productive and professional and silly and goofy and emotional and real.”

Sadly, Teen Wolf is in its final season, and it is not going out with the bang it deserves, according to Carter Matt. Despite the best efforts of writers and cast, ratings without Dylan O’Brien have fallen significantly to less than half the viewers from the previous seasons.


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Dylan O’Brien is badly missed by Teen Wolf fans too, although perhaps they are busier this season as well. Teen Wolf was filmed late, and the entire season was shifted back from summer to late fall, due to Dylan’s injury.

Tyler Posey is understandably feeling the pressure of trying to carry the show without Dylan O’Brien.

“So we just did everything, and doing it without him is a lot of pressure on me because we both did it together but you know. I miss him!”

Dylan O’Brien is missed from Teen Wolf by fans and Tyler Posey.

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