Trump ‘First Dog’: Young Barron Trump Might Have Just Chosen The Family’s ‘First Dog,’ A Goldendoodle Puppy

A Trump “First Dog” might have just been chosen by the president-elect’s youngest son. 10-year-old Barron Trump was given the “golden” opportunity by his father to help select the perfect puppy as the family’s “first dog,” a Goldendoodle.

According to the Washington Post, renown Palm Beach, Florida philanthropist, Lois Pope, currently owns the potential first dog-elect. Pope advocates for veterans’ and animal causes and reveals that Donald and Barron Trump are heavily leaning toward getting the 9-week-old Golden Retriever and Poodle mix.

Pope has known Trump for over 20 years and wrote him about the Goldendoodle. When the family spent Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago, Pope showed the president-elect a photo of the dog. At that point, Trump told her to show the photo to Barron.

“He said, ‘Go over there and show it to Barron,'” Pope said. “He said, ‘He’s going to fall in love with him.’ He said, ‘Barron will want him.'”

As far as anyone knows, the Trumps don’t own any pets. Donald Trump will be the first president in 150 years to enter the White House without a pet unless he makes that change soon.

Pope said when Barron Trump saw the photo of the Goldendoodle, “this big smile came over his face, and it just brought tears to his eyes.”

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks noted in an email Tuesday that “no decisions have been made” about the possible first dog. However, she’s wagering that the Trumps will give the Goldendoodle puppy his new home.

While not every president has owned a dog, they’re seen as a non-partisan representative of the acting U.S. President. Despite differing political views, a great number of American citizens will agree that fun-loving dogs bring smiles to their faces. Democrats, Republicans, and third parties alike all have animal lovers.

President Obama got a Portuguese water dog named Bo in 2009 and got another one named Sunny in 2013. The Clintons owned a chocolate Labrador named Buddy and had a cat named Socks.

What will the next first dog be named if Donald and Barron Trump take him? Pope has already named the Goldendoodle Patton after George Patton, a World War II general Trump admires.

Pope thought about Barron Trump when she selected Patton as a possible first dog. She said moving to the White House will be stressful for a young boy and bonding with a canine buddy will make the transition smoother.

“It’ll help with the transition. It’ll take away some of the wonder and awe,” said Pope. “I mean, can you imagine moving into the White House as a child? It’s hard.”

Pope didn’t disclose where the Goldendoodle came from but reveals he has some training to go through first. For one, he needs to be potty-trained, which Pope explains they’re in the process of doing now. Patton will then have what’s referred to as “hero dog training,” a program sponsored by Life Foundation members that honors “hero dogs” that have helped human lives. It’s intended to not only make Patton the first family’s beloved pet, but protector as well.

Pope said since Patton is part Poodle, he won’t be a problem for people with allergies. She gushes that the anticipated first dog is “incredibly cute.” The veteran and animal advocate adds that it’s going to be hard for her to let him go. She realizes it’s not a done deal just yet that Patton will be the Trump’s first dog. The report likens Trump’s decision to appoint the Goldendoodle as the first dog to that of appointing the next secretary of state, and he’s still “weighing” that out.

As hard as it’ll be for Pope to see Patton go, she feels Barron Trump is more important than her keeping the Goldendoodle. Surely, she’ll still see him if he becomes the nation’s next “first dog.”

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]