Michael Phelps Goes Crowd Surfing And It Doesn’t End Well [Video]

Michael Phelps is good at a lot of things. He’s the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, he’s got a great short game on the golf course, and he was recently named the Fittest Man Of All Time by Men’s Health Magazine.

Crowd surfing, however, does not rank very high on Phelps’ list of skills. Of course, that’s not entirely his fault.

Phelps went crowd surfing over the weekend at XS, a nightclub in Las Vegas, and it didn’t go very well.

The Olympic swimmer decided to use a big inflatable tube to assist him during his crowd surfing experience. The tube kept the crowd’s grubby hands from grabbing his Olympic body but also made it hard for people to see where they should push.

Well, Phelps quickly found out that crowd surfing can be pretty embarrassing without audience participation. TMZ reports that Phelps may have been a little embarrassed over the incident but he wasn’t injured.

Here’s the video of Michael Phelps attempting to ride an inflatable boat over a crowd of people in Las Vegas.