Zumba Prostitution Scandal: More ‘Johns’ To Be Named

More Zumba “Johns” are slated to be named in the prostitution scandal which began earlier this month. Dance instructor Alexis Wright allegedly used the exercise studio in Kennebunk, Maine as a front for a sex-for-hire business.

Police officers maintain Wright, 29, videotaped many of the sex encounters at the studio without the knowledge of the clientele. The suspected exercise madam reportedly kept “meticulous” records which indicate the business made $150,000 over 18 months. Both Alexis Wright and her business partner have pleaded not guilty, according to the New York Daily News.

The newest batch of supposed customer names were slated for release on Friday, according to Examiner. The first list of names reportedly shook the small town, which was thrust into the national spotlight after the Zumba sex scandal broke. A rap singer from Wells made a music video about the Kennebunk exercise studio that went viral online.

The first patch of Zumba Johns names included more than 21 customers. The men named as customers of the Kennebunk exercise studio have allegedly been “laying low” since the publication of the now infamous list. The alleged prostitution patrons included one former mayor and an ice hockey coach at a local high school.

Men named on the first list of alleged customers were not identified by either their ages or addresses. The lack of personal details on the list reportedly caused quite a bit of drama for non-customers who just happened to share the same name as those outed on the list. A higher court judge ultimately overruled a decision not to include such particulars in an effort to reduce confusion.

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