Voter Suppression Means ‘Black Folk Aren’t Capable Of Getting A F***ing Driver’s License,’ Adam Carolla Says

Voter suppression is a frequent talking point in today’s political arena.

The Democratic Party, for the last several elections, has accused the Republican party of enacting voter suppression laws in order to discourage minorities and other demographics likely to vote against them.

Republicans, on the other hand, argue that Democrats only care about attacking voter suppression laws because they want to undermine the integrity of the country’s system for choosing presidents and other elected officials.

By stacking the electorate through lax voting laws, the argument goes, they are trying to ensure they never lose another election at the expense of the American people.

The debate runs the gamut from civil to spirited, but podcast host and comedian Adam Carolla waded into the waters on Monday’s episode of the Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast with a blunt perspective.

Carolla is not a liberal Democrat, and he often claims that his more conservative views cost him opportunities in Hollywood as a result.

While discussing expectations for human beings with Dr. Drew Pinsky, he charged that people will “rise to the level” of competence or incompetence you expect from them.

Using voter suppression as an example, Carolla said when Democrats talk of it, they are basically saying “black folk aren’t capable of getting a f***ing driver’s license.”

The comment seemed to make Pinsky uncomfortable as he tried “to soften” Adam’s tone for him. While the comment seemed blunt to Pinsky, years of working with Carolla gave him deeper insight into what the former Loveline co-host meant. And if that wasn’t enough, Carolla explained it pretty clearly himself.

Essentially, Carolla said, Democrats want to stack the deck in their favor by acting like racists. “Guys like [California Lt. Gov.] Gavin Newsom,” whom Adam got into a now famous argument with on the Adam Carolla Podcast over Newsom’s claim that many Blacks and Latinos were unable to open checking accounts, are the “truly racist” for patronizing certain demographics by lowering the bar so far in how they talk about them, he said.

It was not Carolla’s belief that black people are incapable of getting a driver’s license; only that when Democrats try to soften voter suppression laws under the pretense that it discourages people from voting, they’re basically attacking the intelligence of those groups for their own political gain.

Carolla’s way of putting it echoes fellow comedian Bill Maher, who unlike Carolla is a liberal, decries his own kind for creating “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” particularly when it comes to Islam whitewashing.

Maher has hammered his own political group for “pretending there’s not a problem” with Islam, essentially making it more difficult on true Muslim reformers, who want to leave behind the more primitive interpretations of the religion for a more culturally integrated and open-minded one.

Maher’s attacks against the radical factions of the Islamic faith have garnered campus protests and heated arguments with liberal guests on his HBO series, most notably actor/director Ben Affleck.

As for Carolla and the voter suppression talk, the comments are likely to result in some pushback, but nothing career altering. The broadcaster has built his own podcasting empire from the ground up and has a loyal base of guests. Callers on his show often espouse the same views as well.

For the voter suppression talk, check out this episode at approximately the 33-minute mark.

So what do you think, readers?

Was Adam Carolla out of line to say Democrats use voter suppression as a way of insulting Black people and other minorities? Sound off in the comments section below.

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