Britney Spears’ Nanny: I Never Saw Meth Inside Her Home

Sam Lutfi has claimed that Britney Spears was using meth during her famously public meltdown but Britney’s former nanny Leah Frand is calling BS on that claim, noting that her access to the home never revealed meth use by Britney or any of her house visitors.

Leah Frand spoke with TMZ and said that during her six months of employment in 2007 she was around the popstar 24/7.

When asked specifically about drug use she says:

“I have never seen meth in that house or any type of drug.”

Sam Lutfi has said he found a bag full of meth in the singers home at the time she was suffering from her meltdown. You may recall that Lufti claimed Britney Spears shaved her head so officials couldn’t test for drugs.

Apparently Leah can’t stand Lufti who she openly calls a “low life loser” who was angry he wasn’t allowed to stay in Britney Spears’ world. In fact Frand believes if anything he may have tried to plant drugs in her home so he could later become her “life coach.”

In further damning evidence against Sam Lufti TMZ learned that Sam was never employed by Britney. Frand claims:

“I don’t know what the hell he was doing [in her life] honestly … being Britney’s bitch basically and not getting paid for it.”

Frand said in her testimony of Sam Lufti:

“He’s a low-life loser, in my opinion. I don’t really talk bad about anybody, but he, at the time, was very desperate. He seemed like a wannabe in every sense possible. I used to lock my door at night because I was terrified of him, and he was just a really big weirdo. I lived there, I was there 24/7, worked around the clock, and I have never seen meth in that house, or any type of drug. If there was anything that was ‘found’ then it was probably set up by Sam…There was never meth in the carpet, there were never carpets ripped out, she didn’t even have carpeting that needed to be ripped out. She had area rugs…He’s not a life coach, he’s not a manager, he has no capability of doing any of that stuff. I think any normal – or not normal – human being would go psycho with Sam Lufti sleeping on their couch every single night outside their bedroom door, in their face, controlling them.”

Sam Lufti in the meantime has not done well to prove any of his claims. In a lawsuit in which he claims to be owed 15% of Britney Spears income Lufti was unable to explain even the basic mechanics of Spears’ multimillion-dollar empire. Lufti was also unable to produce a contract for his services. In fact Lufti was not even able on Thursday to tell Britney’s attorney who offered him the financial arrangement.

Britney’s attorney’s further grilled Lufti when he couldn’t even explain basic industry terms such as “uplift” and “compulsory license.”

It should be noted that Lufti’s only evidence was a music contract he printed from the internet in 2007, a contract that was not signed by Britney Spears.