Natalie Negrotti And James Huling Reunite: 'Big Brother 18' Stars Connect For Big Trip, What's The Scoop?

James Huling and Natalie Negrotti fell for one another this past summer on Big Brother 18, and they have been very open about the fact that their showmance transitioned into a real romance once they left the BB18 house. They are facing a long-distance relationship now that the show is over, but the two have managed to see one another fairly frequently, and it looks like they just reunited for what some would say is a huge trip. What's the latest on the couple fans have dubbed "Jatalie"?

Natalie Negrotti lives in New Jersey while James Huling lives in Texas. The two Big Brother 18 stars traveled together for a while after the BB18 finale, meeting up with friends and loved ones, and they have been back in their respective hometowns for a bit now. Jatalie loves to surprise fans by meeting up for visits without necessarily giving their supporters a heads-up and it looks like they just did it again.

Not long ago, James and Natalie surprised their Big Brother 18 supporters by popping up in Detroit, Michigan together for a Bullies Reality event. People knew that Huling was slated to be in New Jersey in late November for a big New York Jets event that Negrotti was involved with, and he did make the trip, but Jatalie fans were buzzing over the fact that he seemingly left earlier than anticipated. Some BB18 folks started wondering if there was trouble between the two, but they quickly squashed those rumors when Negrotti shared an early Christmas gift he sent her, and the buzz is that he had to head home early due to a business issue.

Big Brother 18 folks also knew that he was slated to head to South Carolina this week to visit his daughter Baleigh, and he shared a few social media posts as he embarked on the trip from Texas to South Carolina. Jatalie fans noticed that Natalie also hopped on a flight around the same time, but she didn't share specifics regarded where she was headed. Some people wondered if Negrotti might be joining Huling on his trip to see Baleigh and indeed that has turned out to be the case.

Both James and Natalie have shared videos on Snapchat showing that they are together in South Carolina at the moment. This isn't the first time that Negrotti has met Huling's daughter, as Baleigh, her mom Bree, and her brother Landon were in the Big Brother 18 finale. Bree and James remain on very good terms, and she was quite vocal in her support of her ex during both of Huling's runs on the show.

Bree has tweeted about how she and the kids met Natalie at the finale with James and noted that everybody loved her, and it sounds like this trip to South Carolina will provide the opportunity for a lot of in-depth bonding between Huling, his daughter and family, and Negrotti. Neither of the Big Brother 18 stars has detailed specifically what their plans for the future are, especially when it comes to dealing with the distance issue. However, the BB18 lovebirds have said that they are head-over-heels in love and it sounds as if there have at least been some discussions about marriage down the road.

Big Brother 18 Jatalie fans will have to wait and see how long Natalie stays in South Carolina with James, but knowing that she joined him for this highly-anticipated visit with his daughter Baleigh is definitely major news. Can Natalie Negrotti and James Huling prove their doubters wrong and make this BB18 romance go the distance? They definitely have a lot of support as they tackle what comes next and their supporters cannot wait to see where things head from here.

[Featured Image by James Huling/Instagram]