'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Quinn And Eric Shake Up Forrester Creations While Brooke And Ridge Solidify Their Reunion

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that big things are on the way with the episodes airing during the week of December 5. Brooke chose Ridge over Bill, but this battle may not be fully over just yet. Quinn and Eric are discussing the future of Forrester Creations, and both admit that they would like to see Steffy reconnect with Wyatt despite her reunion with Liam. Katie is back in the mix of things a bit, and there are significant developments on the way at Forrester Creations that will test family dynamics and relationships in big ways.

Bill was ready to whisk Brooke away for an elopement, but Ridge and RJ's intense push to shift things worked and she picked the opportunity to reunite her family over the man she had recently called the love of her life. We Love Soaps shares that Brooke and Ridge will hit the sheets during Monday's show, and the buzz is that they will get engaged within the next few weeks. However, Bill isn't ready to let go yet, and he will be battling to win her back.

Eric is coming to realize that perhaps he doesn't want to head back to the top spot at Forrester Creations and he has been talking with his wife about where he sees things heading. She says that she sees Steffy as the future of the company and she is starting to set the stage for a big shake-up at the company. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Eric will talk with Steffy, telling her that neither he or his new wife are looking to run the company on a permanent basis, and this certainly appears to leave Steffy a bit stunned.

The buzz from Soap Central is that Steffy will soon be announced as the new CEO of the company, a move that ruffles the feathers of many others in the family. Quinn will be the Forrester Creations president while Rick and Ridge are put in the position of being co-vice presidents with one another. Wyatt will head up public relations, putting him in a spot to work closely with his estranged wife and this will leave Liam feeling concerned.

Wyatt is mourning the end of his marriage, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that he will decide to try to fight for his marriage once again. He has his mother and apparently his stepfather on his side, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that things will get a bit wild on this front. Liam will be quite upset about these new dynamics, and he will be warning Katie to watch out for Quinn. Also, he will soon confront Quinn and make it clear to her that he doesn't believe that she's truly changed.

There's a battle ahead between Rick and Quinn as the Forrester changes are announced, as it seems that Rick will argue with Eric and face the wrath of his stepmother. Ridge will be working to get his daughter on his side, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that his concerns about what's going on at the company could cause problems in his reunion with Brooke. Also, there is more on the way between Katie and Eric and viewers will see some tense moments involving Maya and Quinn.

How long will this new power structure at Forrester Creations last before it blows up and wrecks havoc? Will Brooke and Ridge's reunion last or is she destined to be with Bill? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that relationships will be tested in big ways this week and fans won't want to miss where things head next.

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