Constitution Party Candidate Virgil Goode: No Difference Between Obama And Romney

Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode doesn’t buy complaints from GOP faithful that with Mitt Romney on the ballot, they don’t have a “true conservative” to choose.

As Goode met with other third-party candidates for a presidential debate this week, he made the case that he is the true conservative these voters are hoping for, and that Romney is not all that different from Barack Obama.

On the ballot in only 28 states, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode is more than a longshot to win the election, but could still shift the race if he takes votes away from Mitt Romney in pivotal states like Virginia, RNN reported.

The scenario is entirely possible, KSAT noted. While he was a congressman from Virginia, Goode regularly won more than 120,000 votes and still has strong support there.

Goode says it doesn’t matter if he tilts the election toward Obama, however, as the two men are nearly indistinguishable.

“They both take millions of dollars in super PAC money,” Goode said. “And that means they’re not only influenced by corporations, but unions, too.”

To keep his campaign and the Constitution Party “credible and honest,” Goode has refused to take any money from PACs and is imposing a $200 limit on donations.

At the debate, Goode was also able to put forth the conservative agenda of the Constitution Party. He has advocated for building a fence along the Mexican border and revoking birthright citizenship to babies of undocumented immigrants.

“The anchor baby situation has got to stop,” Goode said, saying Mitt Romney does not share his views.

The Constitution Party candidate would also put a “near-moratorium” on legal immigration. Goode has also promised to get tougher on China, and would oppose same-sex marriage and abortion.

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