KKK Organizer For Trump Victory March Misses Parade, In Jail For Attempted Murder

The Ku Klux Klan organizer of the Trump Victory parade missed the event because he was in a jail cell, the Daily Mail reports. Chris Barker of the Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Nights in North Carolina missed the December 3 rally because he was arrested by police after a meeting of white supremacist members erupted into violence.

The 37-year-old was arrested Saturday morning after he and another KKK leader, William Hagen, stabbed Klan member Richard Dillon “multiple times in the upper chest” after a drunken argument spiraled out of control. Barker and Hagen were both charged with attempted murder.

According to Dillon, the altercation took place at 3 a.m. Friday night as they were preparing for the Trump victory parade the following day. The 47-year-old said that he was attacked because he had criticized Hagen for getting beaten up by counter-protesters at a California rally.

“Barker and Hagen and one other guy wanted me dead. Their intent was to kill me. I had a confrontation with Hagen months ago criticizing him for the California rally where they got beat up by counter protesters.”

Dillon said he was stabbed several times by Hagen in Barker’s dining room. The 47-year-old said that Barker instigated the argument, and when he tried to leave, he was blocked by the KKK leader, who then encouraged Hagen to finish him off. He added that there was a third guy involved in the melee, but he could only identify him in a line-up or from a picture.

“Barker was encouraging Hagen to kill me. They were both drunk. The dining room floor was covered in my blood. Chris Barker was antagonizing the argument the whole time, encouraging Hagen to fight me and so was the other guy. I knew it was time to leave, but I knew I wouldn’t get out the door.”

According to a source, a friend who was waiting for him in his truck got wind of the plot to kill Dillon and sent him frantic messages to leave the house. Unfortunately, Dillon forgot his phone in the truck. Dillon managed to escape from the house and drove 27 miles to a hospital. According to him, he was bleeding from the chest and used a towel to stem the flow of blood as he drove.

Seeing the severity of Dillon’s injuries, the doctors called the cops. When they arrived, the 47-year-old refused to tell them anything, insisting that he had fallen on knives. He later told the cops what happened when they told him of the probability of him dying and having those who stabbed him getting away because he refused to give them up. The Caswell County Sheriff’s Office obtained a search warrant and arrested Barker and Hagen when they found them on the premises.

On their website, the Pelham-based KKK group announced the celebration of white nationalism and the introduction of the alt-right movement into mainstream politics. They said there was going to be a “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade” but refused to give the time or location that it would take place.

The rally had attracted widespread attention. A KKK spokesman known as Exalted Cyclops announced that the rally would take place at 3 a.m. in Roxboro County and not in the morning as expected. The much-hyped event was marked by confusion as Barker was behind bars. The KKK members who drove around in less than 30 cars were closely followed by state troopers who blocked all intersections.

Barker’s wife, Amanda, who is known as the Grand Kommander, held sway in the absence of her husband. She said the rally would take place in a convoy of cars because the weather was too cold for people to march. The convoy of 30 vehicles entered Roxboro flying Confederate flags and touting the KKK symbol of a white cross embossed on a red background. Men in black shirts had given Nazi salutes, while others had screamed “white power.”

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