Phaedra Parks' Ex Apollo Nida Gives Fiancee Paper Towel Engagement Ring

Apollo Nida's engagement to Sherien Almufti appears to finally be complete. On Saturday, Sherien, who went public with her engagement to The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks' ex, despite the fact that he's currently incarcerated and will continue to be in federal prison for the next few years, a few weeks ago, showed off her new engagement ring from Apollo. Instead of a diamond, however, she got a bit of paper towel.

Sherien posted a photo of her hand with some toilet paper fashioned into a ring around her engagement ring finger. She wrote that Apollo, her "baby," finally got her a ring. Jokingly, she described the ring as made from the finest prison paper towels in chocolate brown. She added that despite the fact that her paper towel ring means that she can't get her hands wet, she still loves him.

Not surprisingly, Sherien's photo received a lot of comments. Some expressed incredulity that Sherien would show off a paper towel engagement ring, let alone be engaged to a man currently in prison. Others accused Sherien of being so desperate for fame that she would attach herself to someone like Apollo. They also lashed out at her for being with Apollo when he wasn't even divorced from Phaedra yet. Yet there were also some who defended Sherien. One person left a lengthy comment praising Sherien's sense of humor and optimism. The person wrote that all of the people leaving nasty comments simply don't get that Sherien's just being funny. The person also pointed out that while the critics think that Sherien's pathetic, they're the ones checking on her Instagram page.

Sherien thanked the person for the comment. She added that her critics, which she deemed to be "idiots," need to live a little and understand that she was just being funny.

"queensherien: @iamjohannegray lmaaaaaoooo I died reading your comment #coke. I love you back babe. They don't know that#SenseOfHumor is my last name!!! These idiots need to live a little."
In mid-November, TMZ reported that Apollo Nida, who began his eight-year prison sentence for fraud in September 2014, got engaged to Sherien Almufti about two weeks ago. Apollo's relationship with Sherien supposedly began even before he reported for prison, which meant that it began when he was still married to Phaedra Parks. Even more shocking, The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers will apparently hear Apollo's voice and see Sherien, as his new love interest, make an appearance later on in the season. Phaedra's reaction to the news of Apollo's relationship was also reportedly caught by the cameras.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Phaedra's co-star Cynthia Bailey, while on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live recently, was asked whether Apollo's engagement is true. Cynthia wouldn't confirm or deny it but did say that the subject came up when the cast was filming. Andy chimed in to say that viewers should stay tuned because "there's noise in that direction" and they won't believe what they're watching, pretty much confirming that viewers will indeed see footage regarding Apollo's relationship with Sherien.

More recently, Phaedra's other co-star and former close friend, Kandi Burruss, also spoke out about Apollo's relationship. During her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Kandi revealed that her husband, Todd Tucker, and Cynthia's ex, Peter Thomas, both of whom are still friends with Apollo, met with Sherien. Kandi admitted that it was awkward meeting Sherien.

"Well apparently she visits him all the time. You know I don't want to give away too much but yeah we had a surprise visit. Apparently Todd and Peter knew about the young lady and, um, she came by one of our events and I was like, 'Uh....' I didn't know what to say."
When Wendy predicted that Apollo and Sherien will get their own spin-off show, Kandi just laughed and asked, "You think so?"

Indeed, a video clip has emerged on social media of Todd and Peter with Sherien Almufti at Kandi and Todd's Old Lady Gang restaurant.

There is the question of whether Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are actually still married. In early November, Phaedra told TMZ that her divorce from Apollo is finally finalized. Yet TMZ noted that when they contacted Apollo's camp about Phaedra's claim, they were told that it's news to Apollo that the divorce is final. About three days ago, TMZ reported that Apollo filed his own divorce petition from Phaedra, requesting joint legal custody of their two sons and an equitable division of assets.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]