Kim Kardashian Not Staying With Kanye West To Avoid Rapper Exposing ‘KUWTK’ Secrets [Debunked]

Kim Kardashian is not remaining by Kanye West’s side to avoid having the rapper expose her family’s secrets, despite a report via In Touch stressing otherwise.

The bogus report from the outlet comes just days after Kanye was released from the UCLA Medical Center, where he stayed for eight days, following a worrying incident that left his personal doctor with no other choice but to have him hospitalized.

West had a meltdown, which sources close to the Kardashians say was triggered with the anniversary of his mother’s death. Donda West tragically passed away in the midst of undergoing cosmetic surgery back in 2007.

In Touch, as cited by Gossip Cop, however, makes it seem as if West had an outburst out of the blue — one that was so bad that Kim supposedly wants out of the marriage and wants to move on with her life.

The bogus story from In Touch tries to reveal “the truth about Kanye West’s epic breakdown and why Kim Kardashian can’t escape their sham of a marriage.”

The outlet alleges that Kim Kardashian has supposedly been trying to walk away from the relationship for months, despite the fact that she’s been supporting Kanye at almost every one of her shows — even after the robbery incident in Paris.

“For months, Kim had been plotting to walk away from Kanye and their two-and-a-half-year marriage,” the magazine falsely claims. “But when she learned of his epic psychotic break, she immediately put those plans on hold. Kim was going to leave Kanye because she couldn’t take it anymore.”

To add insult to injury, however, the tabloid magazine then goes on to allege that Kim Kardashian might be worried about leaving Kanye, fearing that the rapper could potentially expose some of the family’s biggest secrets — which fans know is a claim that’s completely untrue.

“She was done with his erratic behavior and keeping up this sham of a marriage. But she knew she’d look cold if she left him while he was dealing with a mental breakdown, so she rushed to his side. She also fears that if she walked out now, he would lash out at her and expose her secrets and tell all about the Kardashians.”

In the midst of finding herself supporting Kanye with his mental health scare, Kim Kardashian has still found the time to raise her two children while dealing with her own struggle to overcome the terrifying robbery incident in Paris.

In Touch claiming that Kim Kardashian is worried about leaving the marriage seems baffling for several reasons. Following the news that West had been hospitalized, Kim flew from New York right back to Los Angeles to be by her man’s side, Refinery29 reports.

Even when the Kardashian family found out that Kanye was set to be released from the hospital, as revealed by Us Weekly, Kim was the first person to come up with a special idea to celebrate the rapper’s homecoming in the hopes of bringing some light to an upsetting situation.

Kanye is said to be doing much better since leaving the hospital, aside from the fact that he’ll now be instructed to take regular medication to keep his mood swings under control, it has been reported.

Kim Kardashian is not worried about leaving Kanye West, which explains the reason why the reality star’s rep has not even bothered to address the allegations made by In Touch.

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