Bonnie Bella Jordan’s Deleted Instagram Video Goes Viral Before She’s Even Born — Watch It Here [Video]

On social media, the name Bonnie Bella Jordan is already going viral, with the hashtag showing up on Instagram in copies of videos, as well as on YouTube. The man simply known “Stevie J” can be heard whilst filming Joseline Hernandez, who cooks in the kitchen as she carries Bonnie Bella in her belly — stating that Jordan’s birth is only four weeks away.

There has been plenty of speculation about the name of Joseline’s baby girl, with the name Bonnie being revealed, as reported by VH1.

The publication wondered aloud if Bonnie’s last name meant Stevie and Joseline’s baby Bonnie would be known to the world as Bonnie Jordan or Bonnie Hernandez — especially in light of the ups and downs in Joseline and Stevie’s relationship. Fans of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple have watched Stevie and Joseline go through plenty of relationship changes ever since Joseline first appeared on the show, cast as a musical act that basically swiped Stevie away from Mimi Faust.

Ultimately, claims of Steve and Joseline being married were disproven, and the couple went through plenty of back and forth over who exactly is supposed to be the father of Joseline’s baby Bonnie.

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Meanwhile, the video that was posted to Stevie’s Instagram page has been deleted.

According to VH1, Stevie has a show named Leave It To Stevie, and he uploaded the video, showing Hernandez cooking for him. Stevie jokes about Joseline cooking for him since he wrote her a check, allegedly, and they joke back and forth. The publication noted the original description that accompanied the video — as do screenshots of the Instagram page — showed Stevie noting Bonnie Bella’s impending birth in one month. The #BonnieBellaJordan hashtag shows that little Bonnie will likely have Stevie’s last name.

“Bonnie Bella is 4 weeks away… @joseline we may not always get along & have done some hurtful things to each other but raising a child takes both parents. I’m all in. #BonnieBellaJordan”

It’s not clear why the video of a pregnant Joseline was deleted from Stevie’s Instagram page.

What is clear is that Hernandez can be seen cooking in the kitchen in a somewhat seemingly reconciled state with Joseline.

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When the new show Leave It To Stevie has its debut on December 19, folks will likely learn much more about Joseline and Stevie’s state of affairs and be able to catch up with the Puerto Rican Princess’ baby Bonnie’s birth, coming in January.

With Mimi at one point calling Joseline and Stevie a couple like “fire and fire” together, no doubt plenty of viewers will tune in to see how the journey of Bonnie Bella’s baby shower and birth plays out. VH1 has reported not knowing much about Joseline’s pregnancy special, so they too have turned to the Instagram page of Joseline to learn more about her pregnancy and delivery special.

“On my way to do the second scene for the delivery special. Little Bonnie! Puerto Rican Princess! VH1!”

Meanwhile, the cat was already let out of the bag earlier, when Miss Nikki Baby told folks that Joseline was expecting a baby girl, prior to Joseline even confirming that fact herself on Instagram.

On social media, comments like the sample one below are being published about the relationship between Stevie and Joseline, and the upcoming birth of their daughter.

Belle Amor: “I don’t think they ever cut each other off completely in spite of their public feud. Joseline is obsessed with Stevie’s beefcake and she’s not ready for another woman to claim that yet LOL. Stevie on the other hand is not trying to part with anymore child support than he has to… so it’s a win/win.”

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