PlayStation Experience 2016: ‘Crash Bandicoot,’ ‘Parappa The Rapper,’ ‘LocoRoco,’ And ‘Patapon’ Coming To PlayStation 4

PlayStation Experience 2016 has given us quite a few reveals this year, ranging from Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite to Street Fighter V and its DLC. With new games approaching, it seemed only right that we also get a taste of the classics.

In a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, it’s been revealed that Parappa The Rapper, LocoRoco, and Patapon will be coming to PlayStation 4. The news arrives by way of the PlayStation Experience event, giving life to the original PlayStation classics that we know and love. Each game appears to be getting special treatment. Not only will they be updated for the current generation of consoles, but they’ll be receiving plenty of support for current resolutions.

Parappa The Rapper is a timeless game. Those who owned the original PlayStation should remember the familiar lyrics.

“Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind! If you want to test me? I’m sure you’ll find that all the things I teach ya are sure to beat ya! Nevertheless, you get a lesson from teacher!”

The game is centered around staying on beat, delivering button presses at the appropriate time to heighten your overall score and keep the music going. Multiple characters hit the stage to further Parappa’s skills, making for a lesson in both rhythm and multitasking. The updated Parappa The Rapper game will feature two new functions for the PlayStation 4 Dualshock controller. There’s “Feel The Beat,” which will provide a steady beat that the player will be able to follow in order to sense how Parappa should respond to each challenge. “See The Beat” allows a player to visually see their buttons. When a button is pressed, the icon will enlarge in response to the player to further help them along to completion.

Patapon will also be remastered for current generation consoles. In a report by Gematsu, it’s revealed that the game will hold new features that players can make use of in their remastered state. Serving as a 2D action/platform game, Patapon tells the story of a tribe who has been driven from their home by the evil Zigoton Army. Multiple levels await the player where those of the Patapon tribe will cast off their oddly cute exterior. Instead, they will repel the evil forces and drive the Zigoton Army from their land. Much like Parappa The Rapper, players will be exposed to different beats that will allow them to command their tribe. Players can attack, defend, use magic, and make use of a plethora of other abilities.

Locoroco is a platforming video game that tells a story similar to Patapon. The Locoroco and the Mui Mui live together in peace until a foreign entity, the Moja Troop, come to take over. The player acts as “the planet” that the Locoroco will look to for guidance, as they don’t know how to combat the threat. Rescuing the Locoroco becomes top priority. Using a variety of buttons along with a tilt mechanic, the Locoroco can split or become bigger to achieve different feats. Players will explore five worlds, each of which holding eight levels to complete.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Crash Bandicoot will also be making a return. Coming to the PlayStation 4, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has been teased for quite some time. There will be multiple aspects of the game that are rebuilt, ranging from characters to environments. There will also be a save system, giving players a truly new Crash to jump, spin, and run with. Each game will be a remake, bringing the same insanity that players enjoyed from previous generations.

Are you excited for the return of classic games to the PlayStation 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Vicarious Visions]