Michelle Obama Hilariously Encourages Early Voting On Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

Michelle Obama showcased her own talent for comedy with an early voting-themed appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday.

President Obama himself made a similar push on The Tonight Show Wednesday, and the First Lady followed suit with host Jimmy Kimmel late last night. “We live in a country fortunately where they make sure voting is as easy as possible,” she said.

Though you likely won’t have to expect Michelle Obama barging into your bedroom with a bullhorn to encourage you to cast your vote early (and eat some carrots while you’re at it), the early voting option is being pushed to make sure you still make it to the polls if your schedule somehow doesn’t allow for it on Election Day.

For the interview, Michelle Obama opened up about life under the microscope of the national media. She said that if she could be an anonymous civilian again, she would love to walk into a CVS to buy some toiletries with cash and then sit on a park bench to do some people watching of her own.

“Is there any part of you that wouldn’t be so bummed if you didn’t win?” asked Kimmel, half jokingly.

“Absolutely not,” replied the first lady.

“Even when Barack talked about entering politics period, I was very hesitant, for the very same reasons — your life is no longer your own,” Michelle Obama told Kimmel. “But then I thought about the kind of person I wanted to lead the country. I felt that to deny him that right would be selfish.”

You can watch Michelle Obama’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel below: