Spot The Carbuncle: The Official Final Fantasy XV Photobomber

I spy with my little eye…a Carbuncle! This cute summon has been photobombing Final Fantasy XV photos and it’s both cute and a little creepy.

Final Fantasy XV(FFXV) has released, finally, and the whole gaming community is seriously enjoying Square Enix’ latest addition to the epic Final Fantasy franchise. From action-packed battles to legit boy band bonding time, Final Fantasy XV has indeed set the new standard for the franchise.

Final Fantasy XV has become very contemporary, including a nod to the selfie generation with the option to take photos and share them on the player’s social media pages. And while it’s extremely fun to snap a few FFXV selfies and share them to your friends (action shots, selfies, groufies—you name it!), FFXV players are noticing that there’s a magical creature that seems to be photobombing a lot of the FFXV photos, Polygon reports.

The Carbuncle is a rabbit-looking creature that first appeared in Final Fantasy V—although it looked more like a lizard in FFV, and has only later evolved to become a cuter version of itself in FFXV. Carbuncle typically appears in Final Fantasy titles as a summon, as a protective creature known to cast Protect or Heal.

In FFXV, however, Carbuncle is a little more special. Carbuncle first makes an appearance in the Platinum Demo where you complete a dream mission starring a giant Carbuncle. If you finish this mission on the Platinum Demo, you get the ability to rename Carbuncle and then unlock it in the full version of FFXV, Gosu Noob notes. There’s also a special feature where Carbuncle heals Noctis the first time he runs out of health during every battle—but this is only available on Easy mode. On other modes, you’re on your own.

But if you’re playing on other modes and you’re longing for a bit of Carbuncle cuteness, don’t fear. Look closer at the photos Prompto took throughout your FFXV journey and you’ll notice that Carbuncle is photobombing some of them.

Wtf why is carbuncle there #PS4share

— Iltapalanyymi (@Iltapalanyymi) December 1, 2016

This Carbuncle photobomb news first started in Reddit, when people started noticing a small bunny appearing in their FFXV photo shares. Apparently, Carbuncle isn’t there every time but when it’s there, it’s creepy or cute or maybe even both at the same time. What is Carbuncle doing in the picture, anyway?


Carbuncle’s photobombs on FFXV has spawned various theories from FFXV players as to why Carbuncle really is there. Some of the players comments are:

“Dude… This is some Grudge shit right here”

“Don’t spoil the story for me, but now I’m predicting that Carbuncle is a Niflheim agent and will be revealed as the final enemy.”

“Jesus christ. Maybe Carbuncle is always stalking the party, and we just don’t know it. I’ll have to check my photos more closely.”

The various photos FFXV players are sharing show different poses and different variations of clarity that shows Carbuncle. Looking at the photos, we can’t help but notice that Carbuncle’s photobombing is like ghost sightings! Look at that blurry and creepy Carbuncle figure in the dark. How is that not scary, Square Enix?


All this Carbuncle business might just be in good fun or maybe an upcoming FFXV DLC will reveal more about our furry friend. Well regardless of whether Carbuncle is creepy or cute in these Final Fantasy XV photobombs, we can all agree that it’s a fun little Easter Egg for players for now. Now everyone is trying to get Carbuncle to photobomb their photos on FFXV.

Have Carbuncle photobombed your FFXV photo share yet?

[Featured image by Square Enix]