Snuggies Sex – did we really need to go here?

Normally the inventiveness of human beings is pretty cool but sometimes one has to wonder just what drugs people are on when they come up with stuff like this. It’s not as if the idea of the snuggie was bad enough or that people actually think that having snuggie parties is some new cool trend to be a part of of but somehow Snuggie Sutra is just a little overboard.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a prude. I love sex but the idea of draping two people in something called a snuggie and then getting all sweaty just doesn’t seem to be all that appealing. However if this is how you roll then Snuggie Sutra, The Kama Sutra of Snuggies, could be just the site for you.

For your effort you get some cutesy graphics and some simple instructions for you, a loved one, and your snuggie.

The Chaps

The Cuddly Puppy

The Tablecloth

hat tip to Daily Intel

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