‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Star Tara Wallace Responds To Rumors That She Is Pregnant With Peter Gunz’ Baby Again

Tara Wallace has been tied up in a love triangle with Peter Gunz and his wife Amina Buddafly for years. Tara and Amina have taken turns having Peter’s babies with Amina being the last to give birth. Now, rumor has it that Tara is pregnant again in the Love & Hip Hop New York love triangle that just won’t quit, but Tara has responded to the rumors and here is what she had to say.

With Love & Hip Hop New York back in full swing, everyone on the show is clamoring for media attention. Tara Wallace is getting a lot of that attention right now, and not in a way she might like. So far, Tara hasn’t been seen on screen in Season 7 and neither have Amina Buddafly or Peter Gunz. That should all change soon, though, because all three have signed on and filmed for the show.

Right now there is speculation that Tara might be pregnant with another one of Peter Gunz’ kids, what would be number eleven for the rapper if it were true. The Latin Times is reporting that a Tara Wallace pregnancy rumor all started over a picture of the reality star that began to circulate.

In the picture, Tara is standing with Snoop’s girlfriend J. Adrienne, and to be honest, she does look a little rounder than normal and not in a bad way. The picture is a few months old, as are the pregnancy rumors, but that hasn’t stopped speculation that Tara is currently hiding a baby bump in preparation for a big Love & Hip Hop New York reveal.

Peter Gunz already responded to the rumors that he is going to be a daddy yet again. On Instagram Peter wrote, “No More calls please! Simply not true, in fact impossible.”

Peter was supposed to have a vasectomy after learning that Amina Buddafly would be giving birth to his tenth child (and her second) baby Bronx over the summer. Fans of LHHNY are assuming Peter went through with the vasectomy plans, effectively squashing the baby making contest going on between Tara and Amina, both of whom Peter refuses to leave alone.

Tara hasn’t directly answered those who question whether or not she’s pregnant again according to Bossip. Instead, the mother of three decided to troll her fans and post a picture of herself from a prior pregnancy instead.

“When I was pregnant it was an amazingly beautiful time,” Tara captioned a picture of herself sporting a baby belly. It’s unclear which pregnancy the picture was from and she does look great in it.

Some Love & Hip Hop New York fans are speculating that Tara isn’t shooting down the pregnancy rumors because we will all learn something about it in an upcoming episode. Oftentimes, reality stars will stay silent about something that is coming up later in the season of their show in order to not spoil it and to get as much media attention when the episode actually airs.

So what if Tara Wallace is pregnant and that picture she trolled everyone with is an even bigger troll than we all thought? It is only assumed that Peter Gunz had a vasectomy but it wasn’t highlighted on LHHNY plus there’s really no proof that he actually did it. It’s also well known that after Amina had her baby Bronx, Peter headed back to New York City and has been seen multiple times with Tara in tow.

Without a doubt, if Tara and Peter are doing Love & Hip Hop appearances together, they are probably sleeping together too. How wild would it be if Tara Wallace is really pregnant with another Peter Gunz baby? Tell us what you think of this newest LHHNY rumor in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Brian Ach/Getty Images]