‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3: Air Date, First Look And Bob Odenkirk Teases Jimmy McGill’s Fate

We are still a few months away from Jimmy McGill returning to grace our TV screens with Better Call Saul Season 3. While an official air date is yet to be announced, it is expected to air this spring on AMC in February, the same as with the first two seasons.

Better Call Saul is certainly on the way and AMC has released some behind the scenes photographs to tease the next seasons where many fans expect Jimmy McGill to transform into Saul Goodman. Season 2 left us with Slippin' Jimmy in quite a predicament since his brother Chuck managed to outsmart him by recording his confession about the forged Mesa Verde documents.

Jimmy tried and (so far) succeeded in helping Kim Wexler get the Mesa Verde client back from Howard and her previous law firm. While all fans agree she deserved the client, Slippin Jimmy couldn't help but bend the rules, and it looks like his fate is in the hands of his vindictive brother Chuck.
In a video interview with The Wrap, Bob Odenkirk teases Better Call Saul Season 3 and speaks about Jimmy and how he is different from Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. Although Slippin' Jimmy can't resist an easy mark, Odenkirk explains that Jimmy McGill is more innocent than Saul and in Better Call Saul we slowly see that innocent get torn away from him.

We are going into the third season and Jimmy has not yet transformed into Saul. While Odenkirk states that we see Jimmy slowly unravel, he believes that "a big strike steals his heart." This suggests that a big moment is ultimately responsible for making Jimmy transform into Mr. Goodman, many fans suspect that Kim Wexler, who doesn't appear on Breaking Bad, may be the person that turns Jimmy's life around. However, Jimmy's affection for his brother Chuck is already playing a key role in his behavior.

Bob Odenkirk reminds fans that we only see Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad when he is at work. For all we know, Saul Goodman may have had a family or Kim Wexler in his life the whole time he was doing the dirty with notorious gangster and nerd Walter White.

One of the most hyped spoilers going into Season 3 is the return of Gus Fring. The showrunners have downplayed his presence in the new season, citing the character's notorious privacy. If you recall, Gus Fring went to extreme lengths to pass as a law-abiding citizen. Therefore, fans can expect Gus to play a behind the scenes role and potentially work with Mike and Jimmy.
Some things to look forward to in Better Call Saul Season 3 is some Breaking Bad crossovers. The showrunners Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan admitted they were tempted to add a Marie Schrader cameo, but they ultimately decided not to. Any Breaking Bad crossover will be part of the storyline, rather than a random appearance.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Peter Gould discusses the idea that Chuck's next move could be the deciding factor in transforming Jimmy into Saul.

"This is something we hash out every day in the writers' room, and we're going to find out. Without a doubt, it feels like Chuck is about to make some really big move against Jimmy. And I think one of the questions is: Jimmy is the guy who will run to his brother's aid when he needs to. Is that still going to be true after he finds out that he's been played, and he's been had? These brothers have suffered such a rift already — what's the next step? At what point does Jimmy's love, respect, and caring for his brother become permanently broken?"
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Better Call Saul Season 3 returns to AMC in Spring 2017.

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