Father Of Navy Seal Killed In Libya Asks “Who Made the Decision Not to Save My Son?”

The grief stricken father of slain Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods, is demanding an answer to one simple question: “Who made the decision not to save my son?” Charles Wood’s son was among the four Americans killed on September 11, 2012, when Islamic extremists attacked the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The highly organized, well planned terror attack killed Woods, 41, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Charles Woods attended the nationally broadcast memorial service at Andrews Air Force base on September 14, 2012. During the service, Hillary Clinton and President Obama made comments blaming an obscure anti-Islamic YouTube video for provoking the attacks, while making no mention of the terrorist plot against consulate. Mr. Woods contained his grief and went on to bury his son.

In the weeks following the attack, Obama officials including Press Secretary Jay Carney, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton continued to blame the video for the attack. Charles Woods thought about his son’s death and wondered why American military forces were not scrambled to save the consulate. A Special Forces base is less than 90 minutes from Libya and they could have easily reached the desperate men trapped in the Benghazi safe house.

Finally, the memories of the ceremony became more than Charles Woods could bear. Mr. Woods called in to Glen Beck’s Radio program and he spoke out about his encounter at Andrews Air Force Base with the President and Mrs. Clinton.

“When [Obama] came over to our little area” at Andrew Air Force Base, says Woods, “he kind of just mumbled, you know, ‘I’m sorry.’ His face was looking at me, but his eyes were looking over my shoulder like he could not look me in the eye. And it was not a sincere, ‘I’m really sorry, you know, that your son died,’ but it was totally insincere, more of whining type, ‘I’m sorry.’”

“Woods says that shaking President Obama’s hands at his son’s memorial service was “like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

“It just didn’t feel right,” he says of his encounter with the commander in chief. “And now that it’s coming out that apparently the White House situation room was watching our people die in real time, as this was happening,” Woods says, he wants answers on what happened—and why there was no apparent effort to save his son’s life.”

“Well, this is what Hillary did,” Woods continues. “She came over and, you know, did the same thing—separately came over and talked with me. I gave her a hug, shook her hand. And she did not appear to be one bit sincere—at all. And you know, she mentioned that the thing about, we’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video. That was the first time I had even heard about anything like that.”

“Apparently even the State Department had a live stream and was aware of their calls for help. My son wasn’t even there. He was at a safe house about a mile away. He got the distress call; he heard them crying for help; that’s why he and Glen risked their lives to go that extra mile just to take care of the situation. And I’m sure that wasn’t the only one received that distress call—you know, come save our lives … I’m sure that other people in the military, in the State Department, in the White House, received that same call that he would receive. And I’m sure that most military people would jump at the chance … to protect that life [and] not leave anyone behind.”

Earlier this month, after President Obama told Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal,” the mother of Libya victim Sean Smith, angrily replied, “My son is NOT very optimal… he is very dead.”

Pat Smith, 72, went on to say more in her interview with The Daily Mail:

“It’s insensitive to say my son is not very optimal – he is also very dead. I’ve not been ‘optimal’ since he died and the past few weeks have been pure hell. I am still waiting for the truth to come out and I still want to know the truth. I’m finally starting to get some answers but I won’t give up. ‘There’s a lot of stupid things that have been said about my son and what happened and this is another one of them.”

Mrs. Smith has been highly critical of the Obama Administration, saying they have ‘kept her in the dark’ over what happened to her son. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, she insisted administration officials told her ‘outright lies.’ She continued, “Everyone of them, all the big shots over there told me – they promised me, they promised me that they would tell me what happened. I told them, please don’t give me any baloney that comes through with this political stuff. I don’t want political stuff. You can keep your political, just tell me the truth – what happened. And I still don’t know.”

The American people are also waiting for the truth to come out and it is to be hoped they are listening clearly to the impassioned pleas of two parents who lost sons in service of the United States of America. If answers are not forth coming, Americans have the option to exercise their extreme displeasure at the voting booth on November 6, 2012. To the minds of many voters, who are not enamored of the current President, ‘That would be optimal.”

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