‘The Walking Dead’ Star Tom Payne Didn’t Say His Character Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia Is Gay, So Are We Shipping Him With Sasha Or Maggie?

Tom Payne recently spoke about his character on The Walking Dead and wasn’t entirely clear about whether or not Paul “Jesus” Rovia is gay on the AMC hit. In the TWD comics that is the case, but it’s no secret that writers might switch things up in order to spice up the script. That opens several possibilities as far as a new love interest for Jesus. After watching the way Jesus interacted with Maggie and Sasha just a few episodes back, it seems that either woman might be ripe to start a new relationship with The Walking Dead hottie.

Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers can be found from this point forward. Those who are not caught up or who don’t wish to have TWD spoiled for them should be careful reading from this point forward.

Tom Payne was interviewed earlier in the week about whether or not his character, Jesus, is gay. While he did confirm that in the source material, which would be the comic books, Jesus is homosexual, he did not say whether or not that was the case in the AMC hit. As a matter of fact, Cinema Blend reported that Payne went out of his way to clear up his “confirmation” about the character by saying that he did not comment on the sexuality of Jesus on the TV show. Is it possible that the writers and producers behind TWD might change up his character just a little and give Jesus a female companion in the near future?

Before everyone freaks out of the idea of ‘shipping Jesus with a woman because his character is gay in The Walking Dead comics, keep in mind that not everything from the comics translates straight over to the TV series. For example, Denise and Tara had a lesbian relationship prior to Denise’s death on the series, but in the comics, there was never any mention of her sexual orientation so that was a bonus in the AMC series. Not to mention that Denise’s death on the series was definitely not originally hers in the comics.

In any case, when Jesus was interacting with Maggie and Sasha in Season 7, Episode 5, titled “Go Getters,” there was some pretty palpable chemistry between Jesus and Sasha. However, it also seemed like he got along really well with Maggie too.

Both Sasha and Maggie both lost their men in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead when Negan beat them to death with his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. While both women are likely still reeling from the deaths of their mates, it doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to move on with someone new. To the contrary, the fact that they were previously coupled up proves that both Maggie and Sasha are willing to give love a chance in the post-apocalyptic world.

For those that read the comics, it’s become pretty clear that Maggie will be staying at the Hilltop for a while and it looks like she will be taking over that leadership role just like in the comics. As Maggie assumes leadership, she will clearly need Jesus’ help since he knows everyone there and he knows his way around outside of the community also. Don’t be too surprised if the two grow closer while working together to keep the other residents safe.

However, Sasha is also staying there right now, and may also not go back to Alexandria for a while. The chemistry between Sasha and Jesus seemed to work even better. Sasha also doesn’t seem to be grieving the loss of Abraham as hard as Maggie is grieving over the death of Glenn, so it might make sense for them to get romantic, giving Sasha a reason to stick around the Hilltop while she helps Maggie with her pregnancy.

Considering that Tom Payne won’t confirm if Jesus is gay on the AMC version of The Walking Dead, do you think it’s possible that he might end up in a relationship with Maggie or Sasha in the near future?

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