Conspiracy Theorists Claim Government UFO Cover-Up As Terrified Witness Films Chase In Canada

A video of a formation of UFOs that the witness claimed was chasing him was just one of the multiple sightings in and around Brandon, Canada, last week, according to various news reports. In fact, so many witnesses came forward that the UFO sightings made the local news. And when it was posited that said UFOs might have been flares from a military exercise, conspiracy theorists started floating the idea of another government cover-up.

The Daily Express reported last week that comparisons of the multiple UFO sightings of a formation of glowing objects in the sky above Brandon, Canada, have been made to the 1997 incident now known as “The Phoenix Lights,” which was comprised of dozens of sightings of a triangular UFO and the appearance of a series of glowing orbs in the skies of Arizona. Not only were the basic components of both incidents similar, but, according to a news report by CTV Winnipeg, local authorities have said that the unidentified objects seen may have been flares used in a recent military exercise — the very same argument proposed to explain the Phoenix Lights. It is an explanation that was dismissed as a government cover-up in 1997 and, unsurprisingly, has been promptly dismissed as an attempted government cover-up by UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists with regard to the Brandon UFOs as well.

Foremost among the Brandon sightings is the short video filmed by a witness who claimed he was terrified by the UFOs and thought they might have been chasing him. He uploaded his video on November 26 but said he did not wish to disclose his real name, according to CTV.

“I am shaking right now,” he said in the video, which shows a set of glowing orbs against the night-time sky.

“It is crazy, they followed me along the highway. I can’t believe I am holding the camera this steady.”

But the anonymous videographer was not alone in his sighting. There were so many that they prompted the CTV report. In fact, as CTV Winnipeg noted, there have been a large number of sightings in the province of Manitoba in recent years, making it a veritable UFO hotspot.

The Canadian province of Manitoba has become a UFO hotspot. [Image by Lonely/Shutterstock]

The Daily Star reported that the city of Brandon alone had 30 UFO sightings last year.

Some, like UFO expert Scott Young, says that the skyrocketing number of sightings is not surprising. “When you see them live it is a very eerie sensation to see these unexplained lights,” he said. “I’m not surprised that people find them unusual and take video.”

Local Canadian astronomer Chris Rutkowski believes the formations may be composed of alien spaceships. “People have seen V-shaped formations of orange lights,” he said. “Sightings have increased recently, while 50% can be explained, we are left with another 50% which are puzzling.”

He added, “They are worth more study.”

Scott C. Waring, the prolific UFO blogger who operates UFO Sightings Daily, believes that not only are the Brandon UFOs similar to the Phoenix Lights, but they also derive from the very same UFO. Writing that the footage was “amazing,” he stated he believed the UFOs were “real.”

“When I compare to photos and video from an old reports back in 1997 called the Phoenix Lights in Arizona, I see that the similarities are much more…its the same giant UFO. These lights are on one single giant dark UFO in the sky.”

YouTube conspiracy group SecureTeam agrees. Not only does it contend that the UFOs are actually extraterrestrial, but SecureTeam has also been quick to call out the Canadian government for an attempted cover-up. Brandon is just 22 miles (35 kilometers) west of CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Shilo, which CTV Winnipeg reported used flares for the night-time exercises (flares that could account for the strange glowing lights seen by many of the UFO witnesses). SecureTeam pointed out that there was really no place that wasn’t near some type of military base, which made the explanations far too convenient, in its opinion.

The Brandon formation of glowing orbs has been compared to the famous ‘Phoenix Lights’ of 1997. [Image by oorka/Shutterstock]

Still, conspiracy to execute a cover-up or not, Brandon, Canada, has been a popular site for UFO sightings for decades. A Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report passed along by UFO Hunters reveals that a witness, 5 years old at the time (1951), saw a small UFO in the city while playing catch with another 5-year-old boy.

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