‘Mythbusters’ Cast Returns In 2016/2017 For Netflix’s ‘The White Rabbit Project’ Show: Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, And Tory Belleci Make New Episodes Without Adam Savage And Jamie Hyneman [Video]

The Mythbusters cast is back, but not with the people you expected. The White Rabbit Project is about to blow your mind and debunk the unbelievable, but without Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

Instead, the show is launching with veteran mythbusters Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci. What happened to the iconic hosts we all equated with the long-running show which blew holes in urban legends since 2003?

Jamie and Adam have proven and disproven hundreds of theories placed in our minds by popular TV shows and movies such as Knight Rider, Indiana Jones, and McGyver. They have called BS on scenes from the James Bond franchise, which has long been known for stunts guaranteed to test 007’s luck more than his skill. Thanks to them, we now know through scientific on-screen evidence that fictional characters in action scenarios should mostly be dead by now.

John Cusack has made a majority of his career risking his life with electronic equipment or risking hypothermia in the rain, for instance.

Some not-so-famous discoveries include the fact that a stone kicked up by a lawnmower can hit with the force of a bullet, dog bowls should be kept out of the sunlight where flammable objects are nearby, and a car going under water is highly unlikely to be re-opened due to differences in water pressure.

Some who have seen the White Rabbit Project trailer are already saying they don’t miss the original main cast of Mythbusters. A popular theory is that personal conflicts behind the scenes somehow made their way in front of the camera, and unless you’re watching an action movie, reality TV, or a YouTube video, you probably don’t want to see people fighting.

Implications have been made that the hosts of the long-running show had been getting on each other’s nerves for a long time, and stepping on each other’s toes. Adam Savage has made it known that they merely work together, but they aren’t friends, in a statement for Business Insider.

“[Our relationship has] radically changed, but it’s also stayed the same. Jamie and I make no bones about the fact that we’re not friends. We don’t get along very well together on a personal level. In 25 years we’ve known each other, we’ve never had dinner alone together. We do not choose to hang out if we don’t have to be in proximity, and yet, there’s a couple of things that happened, and they’re pretty remarkable.”

This is common in any workplace, and you would be surprised to know that some of Hollywood’s most famous on-screen couples couldn’t stand each other. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been among them, despite the alleged sexual tension between their X-Files characters.

Sometimes co-workers simply get along because they have to, and the pay is good, as Jamie Hyneman suggested. Technically, it happens with anyone who deals with another person for an extended amount of time.

The on-screen chemistry between Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci in the trailer for their new series appears to be friendly and often playful. The show seems less about debunking myths than simply having fun with them. Kari told International Business Times that the show is simply taking the Mythbusters formula in a new direction.

None of the cast from the older series appears to have any regrets, and they’ve shown gratitude for what they all call a good 10 years as they prepare for a new series.

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