Jacob Remaley, 14, Allegedly Admits To Murdering His Mother And 8-Year-Old Brother Execution-Style

Anita Stoner knows 14-year-old Jacob Remaley well, and she told WTAE-TV that he was a great kid who got straight A’s and was involved in sports and church activities.

“He’s such a good kid,” Stoner said. “If you could pick a friend for your kid it would be Jacob.”

So why did this seemingly great kid allegedly shoot his mother and 8-year-old brother while they slept in their beds? That’s a question that authorities in New Stanton, PA, are trying to find the answer to.

Hollywood Life reports that Remaley’s father left for work at 5:40 a.m. ET on Wednesday, November 30. According to police, between that time and a 911 call placed by Jacob at 6:53 a.m., Remaley went into the kitchen, grabbed an unloaded handgun off the top of the refrigerator, loaded it, and shot both his mother and brother in their foreheads while they slept in their beds.

Initially, Jacob told investigators that it was his father, Davey, who had killed his mother and brother and then walked into his room and placed a gun in his bed before leaving the house. Jacob told the 911 dispatcher, “Why didn’t he kill me? I need help,” before reportedly hanging up the phone. Remaley then called back a few minutes later and instructed the dispatcher to send an ambulance to his house.

When police pulled up to the Remaley residence, Jacob was standing in the yard in a T-shirt and boxers with blood visible on his knee. Investigators said that he just kept repeating the word “Mom,” before he was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

While at the hospital, Jacob Remaley allegedly admitted to police that he was the one that pulled the trigger and killed his mother and brother. According to the affidavit, not only did Jacob admit to the crimes, but he also told authorities that had his dad been at home, he would’ve shot him too.

Remaley didn’t give investigators any type of motive for the killings. The only piece of information gathered was that Jacob’s parents hadn’t been getting along in recent weeks. That being said, friends and family members told police that Jacob had a great relationship with his little brother which makes this whole thing so shocking.

Fourteen-year-old Jacob has been charged as an adult in the killings and faces two counts of criminal homicide and two counts of first-degree murder. Remaley was taken to the hospital for medical treatment and will then undergo a mental health evaluation before being arraigned for the crimes.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was able to get in contact with the grandparents of Jacob Remaley who were just as shocked as everyone else who knew the family.

“There’s no words to describe what I was thinking when Davey told me. He was calm. He didn’t say much. What he did say was that Jacob shot his brother and his mother and they were both dead. That’s what he said,” David Remaley, 74, recounted in a telephone interview Thursday.

David Remaley’s first wife committed suicide in 1997, but he remarried to his current wife, Joyce, in 2001. Joyce Remaley told the paper that the boys were like her biological grandchildren because she’s known them their whole lives. She also said that she had a special bond with Jacob who told her that his mother, Dana, was mad about something that she couldn’t quite get over.

“He said to me, ‘Do you know that my mother is really mad at God? She’s mad because he took her mother.'”

Dana’s mother died of cancer about a decade earlier. “She never got over it,” Joyce Remaley said.

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