Casey Anthony ‘Without A Doubt’ Killed Daughter Caylee, Claims Former Bodyguard [Video]

Casey Anthony is making headlines again, this time because of the bombshell claim her former bodyguard made during a recent podcast. Appearing on Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss, ex-Casey Anthony bodyguard Rob Dick says that the Florida mom “without a doubt” killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee back in 2008, despite the fact that she was acquitted of the crime by a jury on July 5, 2011.

As Independent Journal Review reports, Rob Dick said that it was apparent that Casey Anthony had killed the cherubic 2-year-old from almost the moment he met her as her new bodyguard. She had just been released from jail in 2008, and she’d done 30 days after little Caylee was reported missing (by her grandmother) a month after the toddler disappeared.

The suspicious nature of Casey Anthony’s changing story regarding Caylee’s disappearance coupled with the fact that she hadn’t reported her daughter missing for a month immediately captivated the nation’s attention, and even in those early days of the case, Casey Anthony caused a circus wherever she went.

According to Rob Dick, he was driving Casey Anthony from the jail to her parent’s house, while her small daughter was still missing and Anthony was under a cloud of suspicion, and her first question told him all he needed to know about her involvement in her daughter’s disappearance. Rather than ask for news on the search or any other questions about her missing toddler, Casey Anthony allegedly wanted to know what was for dinner.

“She was just completely happy, excited to see her parents. ‘What’s for dinner? Jail food sucks.'”

As Radar Online reports, Casey Anthony’s cavalier attitude about her missing daughter cemented ex-bodyguard Rob Dick’s opinion on his client and the furor surrounding her. In fact, he began his recent podcast interview with a very damning statement about Casey. According to Dick, he simply doesn’t understand the world’s obsession with the Florida mom; after all, she’s just one of many moms who have “killed their kid.”

“I still question why it had the world’s fascination with it. There are lots of women out there that killed their kid. And I do say killed their kid.”

Not surprisingly, Dick’s blatant insinuation of Casey Anthony’s guilt raised the eyebrows of his hosts, and a bunch of follow-up questions, too. The most important of those follow-up questions was on asking Anthony’s former bodyguard to clarify that he was saying what he appeared to be saying about Casey Anthony and her alleged role in her daughter’s death.

Rob Dick continued to not mince words, clarifying that (in his opinion at least), Casey killed her daughter, never mind that she was acquitted of the crime.

“Without a doubt. I think everybody knew she did it.”

Dick continued to speak of the time he spent working for Casey Anthony (despite wholeheartedly believing that she had murdered her daughter in cold blood), calling the job “insane.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in something so crazy. It was completely insane.”

The ex-bodyguard told hosts Theo and Matthew that the level of media and public attention Casey Anthony generated was massive, with hundreds of protesters showing up at the disgraced mom’s home while mainstream media’s biggest stars did live shows in the area. All in all, the huge public presence made protecting Casey Anthony that much more challenging.

“At one point I’m standing in the front yard trying to keep a hundred to two hundred people from lynching her while somebody like Nancy Grace is doing a live show across the street. It didn’t seem real. Just craziness.”

Despite what Rob Dick thinks about Casey Anthony’s involvement in her daughter’s disappearance and death, despite the fact that Anthony didn’t report the little girl missing for a month, despite the fact that Caylee’s remains were found not far from the Anthony home in December of 2008, and despite being indicted for her daughter’s murder in 2010, Casey was found innocent in a court of law.

In the court of public opinion, however, Anthony has been judged much more harshly. She has been dubbed the “World’s Most Hated Mom,” spends most of her post-trial life in seclusion in West Palm Beach, and is often dogged by rumors. Earlier this year, it was reported that she was starting a photography business. It has also been reported on multiple occasions that Casey was pregnant again, but those rumors appear to have been false.

When Casey Anthony does venture out in public, things tend to go badly for her, as evidenced by what happened when she dared try for a casual night out at Greenacres Bowl at the end of August. Other patrons at the Florida bowling alley recognized Casey almost immediately, and it didn’t take long for the verbal assault to begin.

“People started saying they wanted to beat her up. Here she comes, the f***ing baby killer!”

Those who encountered Casey Anthony at the bowling alley say that she appeared to remain carefree, but witnesses reported being “shaken and livid” that the woman is living such a relaxed, seemingly normal life in the aftermath of her daughter’s tragic death, which Casey attributed to “accidental drowning” during her trial.

Despite Casey’s attempts to go on with her life, instances like her former bodyguard labeling her a murderer, “without a doubt,” surely make it difficult to stay out of the public crosshairs.

What do you think? Do you think that the jury in the Casey Anthony case got it right? Is it time to let the Florida mom get on with her life in peace? Or is Rob Dick correct? Did Casey Anthony kill her child and get away with murder?

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