Mandy Moore Talks Real-Life Family Dynamics, Reveals Mom And Both Brothers Are Gay

Mandy Moore has been a celebrity for decades, but her new hit show, This Is Us has really thrust her into the spotlight. She began as a singer several years ago and then crossed over into acting. Moore was known for chick flicks and doing things like A Walk To Remember. You would never suspect she grew up in a non-traditional home, but she did. At 24, Moore got married to Ryan Adams but ended up divorcing him just six years later. There has been speculation she is dating again, and she has mentioned her boyfriend in a few interviews recently.

With This Is Us focusing so much on family dynamics, Mandy Moore has been getting more and more interview questions about her own personal life. She is more than willing to talk about her upbringing now, as she feels it was a unique experience. According to Us Weekly, Mandy Moore revealed that her mom and both of her brothers are gay during a recent interview. She talked about how her parents divorced, and her mom left her dad for a woman. Despite that being a difficult thing, the family was able to remain close and not be affected in a negative way. Moore believes everyone is a better person for it, being more authentic and living life as their true selves.

In her current role, Mandy Moore plays Rebecca Pearson, a mom of three. This Is Us has put a heavy focus on the fact that her character did not want children but found herself pregnant with spontaneous triplets after a fight with her husband. After losing one of the babies in delivery, the couple adopts a child that was left at the hospital. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is different in every sense of the word. From his skin color to his intelligence, he sticks out like a sore thumb. This Is Us is exploring the relationship between Moore and Brown’s characters, which is intense, to say the least. Playing a maternal figure is different for her and has brought up the subject of having children.

Taylor Goldsmith is the rumored boyfriend of Mandy Moore. It seems it might be more serious than just casual dating, though. She mentioned in an interview about how her boyfriend always lectures her on taking vitamins. Moore said that she recently agreed to start a regimen and mentioned she had always wanted to be as healthy as possible before she began having children. It looks like these two might be headed for a much bigger commitment than they have now. Moore is an incredibly private person and her sharing even that little bit of information was huge. Her relationship and marriage to Ryan Adams wasn’t what she had expected, and in that case, she didn’t want to have children when she wasn’t where she wanted to be with him.

News of Mandy Moore opening up about her family dynamics and revealing her mom and both brothers are gay was shocking to long-time fans. She is one of the most private celebrities, staying silent as she went through her divorce from Ryan Adams. In fact, it was rumored that she began dating Taylor Goldsmith just six months after her divorce. The two have been reportedly together for over a year, and they still have not come out publicly.

This Is Us has really thrust Mandy Moore into the spotlight, especially since the show has so many viewers. It was immediately picked up following the pilot airing. The fall finale for This Is Us airs this Tuesday and will return following the holidays for another nine episodes featuring Mandy Moore and the rest of the star-studded cast.

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