Justin Verlander, Andrew McCutchen, Miguel Cabrera Rumors: 2016 Winter Meetings Spark MLB Trade Rumors For Big Names

With the MLB winter meetings less than one week away, the MLB trade rumors are starting to pick up. Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez, and, to a lesser extent, Ian Kinsler and JD Martinez are the core of the Detroit Tigers heading into the 2017 season. However, with the recent surprise of dealing Cameron Maybin to the Angels for basically a pitcher who will probably never be with the big club, one has to wonder if this core will be together on opening day.

Rumors about Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander being traded off keep swirling by the day, and according to an MLive report, Verlander may have tipped his hand about where he believes he may be in 2017.

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton will be moving into their $5 million dollar Malibu home. [Image by Duane Prokop/Getty Images for John Varvatos]

Verlander and fiancee Kate Upton have purchased a $5.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California, not too far from Dodger Stadium. With Tigers GM Al Avila revealing that “anyone is trade bait” this offseason, is this move something Tigers fans need to fret about? Probably not, but just the idea that the Tigers are willing to “dump” anyone to cut back payroll isn’t a good sign for Tigers fans who are hoping to see a World Series title soon.

Other big names on the Tigers roster who seem to be up for grabs during what could be a winter fire sale are JD and Victor Martinez. Detroit was close to dealing JD Martinez to the Mets, but New York wasn’t willing to deal away top prospect Michael Conforto in return.

As for trading Miguel Cabrera, well, that would be downright dumb.

Sure, baseball like every sport is a business, but trading the best hitter on the team — and possibly in all of baseball — isn’t going to go over well with fans. In fact, if the Tigers did pull the trigger on a Cabrera trade, they had better get something spectacular in return or Comerica Park will be like Tiger Stadium in the mid to late 1990s — empty.

Miggy has been rumored to be heading everywhere, although the Astros and Red Sox have been the latest teams who would be willing to throw their hat in the ring for the Tigers first baseman.

It’s not just the big names from the Tigers who are being swirled around as trade bait. There are several of them out there, like Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen.

Andrew McCutchen trade rumors
Have Pittsburgh Pirate fans seen the last of Andrew McCutchen?. [Image by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images]

For one reason or another, it seems for all purposes McCutchen’s time has come to an end with the Pirates, and he very well could be heading not too far down the road to play with the Washington Nationals.

MLB.com reports that trading McCutchen is a very realistic move that could happen as early as next week, but will it be to the Washington Nations or somewhere else?

The Nationals remained the frontrunner to acquire McCutchen as of late Thursday, although the Texas Rangers are also interested in acquiring the All-Star center-fielder per MLB.com’s Jon Paul Morosi.

Pittsburgh has expressed a willingness to engage in discussions and possible deals for McCutchen since the season ended. While he is still a fan favorite in the Steel City, don’t look for the Pirates to settle for small potatoes for the five-time All-Star and 2013 National League MVP.

McCutchen may end up with the Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers, or some other last-minute bidder, but only if the price is right.

NESN indicates that the 2016 MLB winter meetings run from December 5-8.

[Featured Image by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images]