WWE News: Sami Zayn Being Rumored For WrestleMania 33 Universal Title Match?

The WWE is in a weird place at the end of 2016. Monday Night Raw isn’t what it should be. Their first WWE Universal champion was injured the night he won the championship, and Finn Balor has yet to return to action. Kevin Owens could be the worst top champion since Sheamus, or even Kevin Nash. The New Day has become a stale act, which is astonishing due to their meteoric rise in the WWE. Above all else, Smackdown Live is writing a better show week after week.

What makes the situation a bit more difficult to analyze is the WrestleMania season is upon the WWE Universe. Everything can change with the snap of a finger from a 70-year-old millionaire who controls the professional wrestling landscape atop his throne in Stamford, Connecticut. By the beginning of December each year, the WWE protrudes through the standards of normality and logic. Last year was a great example, as Roman Reigns was forced into the main event that culminated in a championship.

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While rumors continue to swirl about the aforementioned Reigns, the rest of the WWE is on high alert for changes in the bookings. Vince McMahon is already one to change his mind regularly, but it’s even more enhanced at WrestleMania season. The WWE Universal championship is at the forefront of every WWE fan’s mind. Right now, Owens is the holder of the newly created title. He was helped by Triple H to capture the gold, but no reason has been explained thus far.

So, the WWE Universe is left to speculate as to why it happened. Fast-forward several months later, Owens is scheduled to defend his Universal title against Reigns at WWE Roadblock in Pittsburgh. However, there could be more surprising news coming in the next few months. According to SportsKeeda and SheetSandwich, Sami Zayn may be on the way to WWE Universal title match at WrestleMania 33.

“According to a WWE insider revelation available with Sheetsandwich.com, it was reported that Sami Zayn’s push would culminate at WrestleMania 33. Zayn would be part of a triple threat match for the WWE Universal Championship alongside Kevin Owens and the returning Finn Balor.”

“The interesting thing here is that all three wrestlers that were part of this reported match have held the NXT Championship before making their WWE debut.”

“The report also added that the company is trying to project Zayn unworthy, during his ongoing feud with Braun Strowman. All of this is to just add shock when he is finally pushed.”

Zayn deserves this kind of push and treatment from the WWE officials. Since his ascension from WWE NXT, Zayn has put on great matches, good promos, and respectable moments on WWE television. While his look can’t pass for a top guy in the industry, the former-NXT champion is the purest babyface in the WWE. There isn’t an analyst in the business who thinks otherwise. Everything Zayn does is good, but it’s a matter of time before the entire WWE Universe knows it.

Sami Zayn
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As mentioned in a recent article by the Inquisitr, Zayn is still being courted by Daniel Bryan to come over to Smackdown Live. With this rumor coming out, it’s very unlikely that is going to happen.

Unless the WWE changes all of their plans at a moment’s notice, the Underdog from the Underground is staying on Monday Night Raw. WhatCulture put together 10 main events for WrestleMania 33. Zayn’s rumored bout for the Universal championship wouldn’t make sense, but then again, the title is supposed to be the biggest prize in the industry. Could Sami Zayn wrestle in the biggest main event of the year?

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