Do Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle’s Star Signs Suggest There’s A Cosmic Clash Coming That’ll Rock The Royals?

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle might well be style sisters who are romantically involved with two brothers, but they are as different as chalk and cheese when it comes to their respective star signs. So what does this entail for any future relationship between the Duchess and the actress?

When the world woke up to the news that Prince Harry was romantically involved with none other than Meghan Markle it was suggested that Kate Middleton many soon be forced to pass her glamor queen crown to a fellow commoner. That is if Prince Harry persuades her new royal beau to do the honorable thing and put a ring on it.

Yet, the gnawing question on every fashionista’s surgically enhanced lips was, “Will the Duchess of Cambridge view Markle as a friend or foe?”

On paper, at least, the two glamor dolls would presumably get on famously together. Both share a love of high-street fashion, both are keen to be associated with humanitarian causes, both appear to be the sort of woman who would own a pet bunny rabbit, and both are thoroughly common, in a non-royal sense that is.

Yet despite unofficial sources expressing how thrilled Kate is to have Meghan join the fold, the two have still not appeared in public together in a show of sisterly solidarity.

Which begs the question, is it written in the stars that Kate and Meghan will never see eye to eye. And by stars we mean that cosmic discipline which dictates the fate of us all – astrology!

As a tried and trusted science, astrology is always a sound method to govern one’s life by. You can choose a career, car, house, wardrobe, even future friends and your husband or wife to be on the strength of what your star sign said about you and your personal preferences.

So let’s find out if Kate and Meghan have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting on together shall we?

Kate is a stubborn and conservative old goat. In other words she is a Capricorn. Apparently like fine wines, Capricorns look better as they get older, and are very attractive, neat, great in emergencies, and never ignore family responsibilities.

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On the negative side, they can be selfish, jealous, moody, and prone to playing the martyr.

Capricorns crave security, and just to feed the kids and pay the bills, they may end up on a treadmill of constant and back-breaking work. Somehow I don’t think we can place Kate in this category though.

Capricorns are renowned for their ambition, patience, and love of status, and will steadily work their way to the top of any organization.

Capricorns believe passionately in the importance of keeping the peace in their families. Yet in doing so they will not allow themselves to be compromised and they refuse to be bullied. They are also more than capable of utilizing their charm to get around prickly people.

Their astrological phrase is “I use.”

That’s enough about Kate. Let’s get the lowdown on Meghan.

Prince Harry’s love interest is a fiery and hot-headed lioness. In other words, she’s a Leo the leader.

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Everything tends to be “me first” with a Leo and in their head at least the world revolves around them. Their astrological phrase is “I will.” And they will do whatever it takes to rule the roost and call the shots.

On the plus side, they’re generous, helpful, rarely moody, have extremely high standards, and love social occasions.

Leo’s love expensive things and relish being seen as a person of substance and status. They will not do things they consider as “beneath” them. In short, they love the best of everything.

So do the math. Would Kate and Meghan hit it off and enjoy the fruits of a long-term friendship? Can the lion and goat work as a productive partnership for the sake of the brothers?

Well, both the lion and goat appreciate luxury, indulgence, and the finer things in life, but they can also teach one another a thing or two about a thing or two.

The goat could learn from the lion how to be spontaneous and exciting, and the lion could learn from the goat about the values of conservatism and perseverance.

A cosmic clash between Kate and Meghan could happen, but on the strength of their star signs it remains unlikely.

I shall now return to my crystal ball and keep you posted on any further developments.

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